Friday, June 29, 2007

Prepping for the Glue

In preparation for Daniels Video EEG, we decided he needed a haircut because of the horrible glue that is used to put the electrodes on. Getting the electrodes on involves strapping him to a table, and attaching electrodes all over his head. This doesn't work well with long curly hair so we have opted to get Daniel's hair cut. I figure it will grow back quickly like it always does. But boy what a difference! Here is the before and after shot. When its curly he looks like a little guy. When its shaved he looks so old! And he doesn't look happy after either!

So I shaved my little boys cute little curly locks off for no reason! They use a different glue at the hospital now so its very easy to get out of the hair after the fact. This new glue is water soluble, so there isn't any after residue left in his hair. Go figure! This time the whole experience was wonderful. Normally they will swaddle the child up and tape them to the table. Check out how it was done before and how it got done this time (THANK YOU JOANNE L. in the EEG department at Children's Hospital)

Notice the marked difference in methods of getting Daniel hooked up. The "Sad" picture is from a previous EEG. The other picture he is engrossed in watching the Elmo video and doesn't even realize that she is sticking things to his head!

Daniel did very well through the whole procedure. In fact, he even got a special breakfast with a teddy bear waffle(Dad ate it!). When I asked Daniel if he was having fun.....this is the response I got.

The little bugger stuck out his tongue at me! and he did it PURPOSEFULLY and thought it was funny!


C said...

I'm laughing at those last two pictures. What a character!

Anonymous said...

Yea! Daniel you did soooo good. I am very proud of you! Love your attitude.