Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Week 2, Day 3 - Grand Rapids

Daddy is coming, Daddy is coming! Dad is on his way over here to see us for two days and then drive home with us on Friday after school. Then we only have ONE more week left of Conductive Education in Grand Rapids. We found another "school" that runs a program similar to CLC that is some what closer to home. It is called Conductive Education Center of Metro Detroit. Now we don't know much about this program except from what I have heard from word of mouth from people on support groups. They are in Shelby Township, which is a ways away but its better than being away from home for weeks at a time. I'd rather drive that drive everyday. But from what I hear, you have to be accepted into the program, and it is difficult to get in, and that it is for the severely impaired, I guess I need to someday admit that perhaps Daniel is severely impaired. I don't think he is, but I suppose others would, if you heard the list of all the things that are wrong with him, one might come to the conclusion of "severely". I would really like to continue with the conductive education, I am seeing improvements in other kids that are staying at the Ronald McDonald House. There is one child who is 8 that has Cerebral Palsy (SQCP), when he first came here this session, he was walking with difficulty with two canes, when I came back this week, he is walking without those canes. Yes he still is not completely steady, but he is doing laps around the house. The other night he was able to walk around for about 30 minutes. Good Job to Jospeh.

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