Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Week 2, Day 2 - Grand Rapids

As you can see from our titles, we are counting the days...or I am (mom). I just miss being around my family, being able to drive and KNOW where I'm going, and just the comforts of being comfortable in my own house/bed/area. It is especially hard right now, my mom went to have a biopsy on her cancer this past Monday and it didn't go as expected and she is now in the hospital, and we are here. I am torn, I want to be there with her and close to home in case anything happens, but I also want to be here for Daniel because I really think this is benefical for him and me. I am learning alot of neat little tricks and he is learning TONS. For those who know Daniel and have followed his progress over this journey..his little hands are almost always tightly fisted and inthe past few months is when he has started to use his arms to knock at things. Check out this photo, see that hand?? He actually reached down and grabbed the chair arm with his fingers open and grabbed at it correctly. I know....maybe I'm grasping at straws, but I like to believe Daniel learned it while we were here.

Here are some additional photos that we took during the session today. Daniel was learning to play leapfrog....while stretching his leg muscles....also stretching out the arms, and hey....no clowning around dang it.....we're here to work!!

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