Sunday, May 20, 2007

Relaxing weekend

Well we've come to the end of a relaxing weekend. It is nice to be home, Daniel is babbling, happy and we are working on the things we've learned at CLC. He goes potty in the potty chair when we put him on it. He is using his arms more, and he is now letting us feed him again. I think he figured he got some independence when he was in Grand Rapids, and he liked feeding himself so that was the only way he'd eat for a few days. Whenever we went to his mouth with the spoon he'd turn his head and do a grunt to tell us "no, I want to do it". give him the spoon and he was as happy as a clam.

We started him on fish oil (Omega 3-6-9), this is suppose to help the brain in many ways. Its in liquid form and as you can imagine it probably doesn't taste that great, but he is a good boy and drinks it down. YUCK! Anyhow, we started it on Friday, so we'll see if we get a difference in his jibbering. Today I could have sworn he said "ELP", Brittany heard it too cause she looked at me like...did he just say Help?

We went to Drew (Daniel's friend) fundraiser on Friday night, it looks like that had a good turn out, so wish them luck in their continued journey to get Drew's seizures under control.

On another note for fundraisers, as I've posted before my mother has breast cancer that has metastasized in her lungs. My brother Greg helps with the 3 day breast cancer walk and for part of his fund raising, he decided to become part of a group of men that posed for the "60-mile men" calendar. Even made it on the local news too!. Anyways calendars are $20 and they are from August 2007- July 2008. If you would like one please contact me and we can get one sent out to you, and if you'd like to have it personally autographed by Mr. December (my brother Greg) he will be more than happy to sign it.

Click here for the link to the news story.

If you'd like a calendar, please email me :

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