Monday, January 2, 2012

Well Hey There!

Talk about being busy for a little while!
Figure I'd give a small update on whats been going on around here for the past few months. I have been sorely lacking in keeping this blog updated. Seems I go in spurts, although I have been updating on Facebook more often than anything.  Look me up over there if you're interested.  I still lead a somewhat boring life in the FB world too! :)

So, Daniel is your typical 6 year old boy.  He is very opinionated and temperamental.  Has his good day and beware of the bad!  But for the most part, he is a happy go lucky kiddo.  He is rocking his AAC device -PRC ECO2 with ECOpoint.  We mix it up a little differently than most families I've heard of.  Some of the user area in his device has 15 cells, others have 60, and them sometimes 45.  It probably isn't recommended, but it seems to work for him.  Gives him practice getting the smaller cells, but he still can get his larger cells without the frustration.

 This has to be one of Daniel's new favorite pages.  Granted its not really working on his language stills, but boy does it give him the independence and freedom he loves.  This screen is programmed to change the channel and turn the TV on/off.  There is also a link from the "movie" cell which goes to a page with 60 cells for all of his movies.  Kid loves the power, and getting a reaction from changing channels on Dad when some sports stuff is on!  I taught him well ;)

Daniel recently had botox and an alcohol block.  We were very iffy on the procedure.  Not really the procedure itself, but they knocked him out to do it this time because of the block and also how many pokes he was getting.  For a brief moment, Daniel was a human pin cushion!  Thankfully he wasn't aware and didn't seem to have any soreness afterwards. He did milk it for most of the day and just crashed on the sofa, spitting out commands for me from his AAC!

Here is a super cute photo of Daniel playing with one of his many games he got for Christmas
And of course, he still loves to do crafty things...Here is the masterpiece of mixed colors of poster paint....we call it "Doo-doo doo with a little blue" off the paper!  See that evil look??  He thinks he's funny....not so much! ;)

Daniel also continues to be a very busy boy.  We are doing a mix of homeschooling with visits from the school district teacher.  We also have home bound services with Speech, PT, OT and adaptive gym class.  We still do his outside therapies also, so make daily trips for our outstanding Speech, OT & PT.  So to give you a quick shot of what we do weekly (does not include any doctor visits or those types of appointments)

Monday- home bound teacher, outside speech
Tuesday - home bound OT/PT (together), outside OT, outside PT
Wednesday - home bound speech & teacher (together), adaptive gym
Thursday - outside speech, outside OT, outside PT, adaptive gym
Friday - home bound teacher, home bound speech, outside speech, adaptive gym

And shoved in between all that we have homeschooling and other fun stuff (like home business I'm trying to launch)
So I'm sure you can see where we have been in the past few months!

Hope everyone out there is well and your children are flourishing and will continue in 2012.


Anonymous said...

Nice to see your words and Daniel again! Looking good - both.


Mel said...

Holy cow! You are busy! Daniel looks great. Great luck with your business!!!

Danielle said...

FB drains my blogging energy too!

But I LOOOOOVE reading your posts! I LOOOOOOVE seeing his sweet face! And my word...are you rockin' the homeschool or what?! Between you, Andi S and Chugani...maybe I should think about moving west! I think you could handle homeschooling two?!



Kayla said...

Daniel brings a smile to my face!

sorry for being MIA! happy new year! finally catching up to the blogging world. crazy holidays.