Saturday, January 21, 2012

Cyclone Daniel

The storm hits this house on a daily basis. No matter how much I try, it always ends up with toys and miscellaneous stuff spewed everywhere!

 Daniel continually tells me with the AAC device "Where's my money?" so we are slowly starting to work on money.  I think he's getting it because now he doesn't ask for coins, he was the bills!
 EVERYTHING comes out, we bounce from one toy to another, and throw in some educational stuff with the AAC device.  We also switch up which piece of equipment we are in.  A lot of moving from stander, to walker, to mygo chair, to a different walker, to bumbo seat.  
Variety - the spice of life!

 I won't blame everything on Daniel. I will take blame for the liter of pop that exploded in the freezer yesterday and the jello that was supposed to be thickening that I spilled all over the bottom shelf in the fridge.

So while I do those little tasks and pick up the mess....
Daniel will enjoy a movie on the computer that he has probably watched 800 times and I can say the lines for each scene!  

Brilliant Idea!

Ahhhhh....headphones!(I should have thought of this before!)


Barbara said...

Love how you show his different positions and activities.

Soon enough, if not already, you will be having similar feelings about moving your growing boy around.

I question the need/benefit of sitting on the floor by the time a child is 5 or 6 years. The cost/benefit ratio is low or the work to put her there and get her out of there is far greater than the benefit from being there - at least over sitting in anything else not-on-the-floor.

Erin said...

hi mel! so great to see all these pics of daniel. looks like he is doing really well. some day i need to give you a call and we can discuss school. really curious about your experience and CE and such. keep on keepin' on!