Monday, June 20, 2011

May June Update

Lets see if I know where to start to do updates

  • Daniel is HUGE.  Well in my eyes anyways.  48" tall and 45-50 lbs  To me that is one big kid
  • He just got Botox for the first time in both of his legs between the buttock and knee. 3 shots each leg (I believe a total of 125 was the dosage) and two shots in his left forearm to help with the bending in his wrist.  His hips look good...according to the dr.
  • We haven't been to speech therapy in about 6 weeks because his SLP had some medical issues but we are hoping to get back into it very soon
  • We got his EyePoint and are hoping to get heavily into it with the SLP again.
  • He has used the Spider Cage a few times at PT/OT but we've missed a lot this last month as Daniel and I have had some medical issues.  Also the therapists had some end of the school year things with their kiddos or just vacation time.
  • Had our IEP.  SIGH!  As far as I can say right now it turned out pretty good with the help of the advocate.  Daniel will be in general ed class with a total of 30-90 minutes a week in the special ed class.  He will have two hours a week of adaptive gym from outside sources because they are not equipped to do it.  So we are currently doing horse therapy and swimming, fully paid for by school district.  They are also modifying the school areas and getting equipment that will be needed for Daniel.  They do not have other children like Daniel. Although to throw a big "oh crap" in there, the class just got changed from a 1/2 day to a full day - I am not sure how we are going to be able to do this.
Other than that....we are about the same

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