Thursday, June 30, 2011

June has just SUCKED

Schools out and summer is suppose to be this glourious time, beautiful weather yada yada yada...

June SUCKED, its plain and simple.
Between me being sick and having surgery, recovering from the issues with that.  Daniel being sick, teething, doctors appointments and just not sleeping well.  Other peoples scheduled with the month of June....Therapies have almost been non existent. Speech WAS completely out because of his therapists surgery, I totally understand...shit has to make adjustments- COMPLETELY understand, when one of the therapists has to call off occassionally because of outside life issues.  I realise things aren't perfect and that they have lives that they need to take care of too, but I do not EVER attempt to make someone feel like crap.

But nothing is more crappy feeling than KNOWING you're missing all these dates-feeling bad about them, then for outside sources to make you feel guilty about it too.  Then there is no one to ask for help because the ones that you would trust with your child....have their own issues to worry about, or just simply are too busy to have to deal with your life.  Dad can't miss work or there is the possibilities that that would make you look bad at work and you'll be let go.

So what have I learned during June?  if your the stay at home mom, your on your own.  People tell you to take are of yourself cause if you don't whose going to take care of Daniel....well I understand that all fine, but its a matter of getting all those appointments to coexist with the other scheduled appointments and trying to figure out what your going to do with the little one while you are getting your exam at the doctor! Your that when your appointment is, is when you're suppose to be driving to another appointment or your child needs to be feed before driving to the next appointment.
Being at "stay at home mom" is kind of a weird title to be called....because sometimes I feel like I am a "never at home mom".

Yep another "bitch"post. 

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