Thursday, May 5, 2011

Ride'em Cowboy!

Three weeks ago Daniel started therapeutic riding at OATS.

When I told people, some of them said "oh he'll love it", others said I was nuts.  He had sensory issues and tend to freak out on things - well crap wouldn't you too if a huge animal was coming at you?  


There was some screaming and crying when it was his time to get on the horse.  This is where I made him tough it out.  I told him he'd be fine, although I don't think he believed me.  He made it through about 40 minutes of riding, if you can call it that!  Most of the time he was doing this

 and this...
 I finally figured out what he was doing...he wasn't tired, he was looking down and under his arm to see the horses that were following behind him.  He wanted to make sure they weren't coming after him.  Once I told the people walking with him, they moved him to the back of the line of horses and he sat up..

 The posture wasn't great ( Sorry to all his therapists that work so hard on proper posture!)  We were just happy he was not screaming at this point.  As you can see we started to get little smiles


  He was excited all day when I asked him if he was going to ride his horse again.  Until we actually pulled up and went into the stables.  Then he started freaking, but as soon as they put him on the horse...not a peep out of him!  He was all smiles and lasted the whole session. Boy it was a little rainy and chilly.

WEEK THREE:  All week anytime Daniel saw a horse or we made mention of a horse he was all smiles and got excited.  Wednesday morning came and I asked if he knew what happens on that day, he smiled and showed excitement when I told him.  Week three, I am happy to say there were no tears at all, he was excited as can be, but I think he was still a little nervous because I could feel his legs shaking before he got on the horse. But he WANTED to get on.


 Here he is being cool and NOT holding on - giving mom a heart attack!

  This is AFTER he stopped being upset because he had to GET OFF the horse.  He kept whimpering and saying "on - on-on". Do you think he likes it??
So we drove by and said goodbye to the horses.  Until next week.....and I am sure he is counting down the days until Wednesday.

I love when he works through things that he is afraid of.  I am so proud of him, it seriously brings tears to my eyes.
1) because he is doing it and liking it.
2)cause he can do something that is fun and be just like any other little boy. 
3) Its therapy and he doesn't even know it!!! 
4)he worked it out, and pushed through being afraid.

So, so very proud


Lisa said...

That is awesome, it is great when you can find something that is therapy but so fun they don't realize it! :) Way to go Daniel!!

Chelle said...

We have been doing horse therapy since my daughter was 3 years old. The first week after after the very first ride she started eating by mouth and has had her g-tube completely removed (at age 5). The next summer's horse therapy brought her to walking with a gait trainer exceptionally well and speaking 3-4 word sentences. As we start our 3rd year of horse therapy she is speaking long sentences, pretend playing and can actually peddle a tricycle. Miracle after miracle. God's creatures have helped her so much. I am so glad you had him try it and he loves it. I will keep you all in my prayers. Chelle