Friday, May 6, 2011

New Toy - ANYONE can use - DaGeDar

As we all know, I am ALWAYS looking for toys that Daniel is able to play with, so you know where this is going to be leading....

Although Daniel may not be able to use it the way it was meant, I always look at toys and see how they can be adapted for the Special Needs kiddos. This one looks like it could be, mind you he would probably still need minimal help, but he could play along with the other kids. It seems like it would be cool, and for those of you who have to buy the adaptive toys from the speciality stores you know that those cost an arm and a leg!
When a toy comes out that isn't labeled for SN, but is able to be used....I'm always checking it out.

Of course the makers probably weren't thinking about the therapeutic benefits when they created it,  I am the mom am!  Just off the top of my head - hand/eye coordination, eye tracking as the ball goes down the track, grasp and releasing...I'm sure you guys can think of other things too!  Then how therapeutic is it to just be able to play along side the other kids?!

From what I read on the site, there will be many different battle balls to collect, each one having "special powers".  Check out the commercial - see the toy in action.
DaGeDar commercial
 Now, just the wait until its released! ;)

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