Thursday, April 7, 2011

Trial ECO EyePoint

Been a while - in case you didn't know, we were at a private school in Grand Rapids. It rocked! More on that later (yes I hope to get back to the blogging)

While there our PRC guy hooked us up with the Eco EyePoint so we could try it out for a couple days. Here is a short video of our first day with it. Mind you, this was the first time he had used the eye gaze in over 6 months.

What I am trying to do is document that Daniel has an understanding of what he is doing with his eyes, that he can make selections, he can follow directions, and that he needs to get approval for the eye gaze to be successful in communicating because he does not have great control over his arms and hands. It would be an imperative piece of equipment for him to have for his education.
(Can you tell we are in the process of an appeal with insurance?)

Excuse the quality of the video, part of it was done with my phone and then I tried to get another angle with the'll see I wasn't successful with that little trick!


Wherever HE Leads We'll Go said...

That's awesome! He is so stinkin' cute!

Marcela said...

I love watching Daniel and all the things he can do. I have to confess I was super impressed with his accuracy with his eye gaze, but even more so by the sounds he is making! He is talking! I have heard children making sounds like Daniel's, and the parents understand, and they can have full conversations! Do you feel that perhaps Daniel is talking and it's just a matter of understanding him? Of course the eye gaze system will give him so much more flexibility for things to say, select, etc...This video alone is proof that he rocks it and needs to have one! I just love to see how smart he is and how he is progressing!

Melanie said...

I think he is stinkin' cute too!

Marcela- He is for sure talking, I can carry on full conversations with him. If someone is around him enough, or they really care to listen you will hear the words. Through the video he says some words (he is really good at his colors) you can even see him perching his lips to get the right form before saying it (Blue).

Cross your fingers and hopefully we'll get approval during this appeal...if not then on to the next battle!

Lisa Cj's Mom said...

Wow...How could he not be approved? He is doing great with this device! I have never heard of this one, will have to look into it! Go Daniel!!! They have to approve him!!!

I also understand everything he is saying! Cj has a few words too and sounds just like him, but he does not speak every word like Daniel.

Anonymous said...

Daniel is definitely talking and this device would be great for him. I hope he gets one. As a person with a disability who works in the disability field I have several associates with communication issues, many of them are absolutely brilliant -- but a lot of people never realize this because folks are always making assumptions. Being able to communicate and be understood is very important.

And yeah, he is cute :)

Karrie Spica said...

I loved watching this video. He is as cute as a button and as smart as can be. Love em!