Sunday, January 30, 2011

Are you ready for summer?

Funny thing to be thinking about when we just got buried in snow right?
I was just looking out into the yard and started thinking about how I'd like to make the yard more "Daniel" ready.  I'd love to get a covered sandbox, a heated pool, and a swingset.  Now that would be a backyard that rocked!  So that of course gets me started and checking  out these swingsets

I am determined to get him outside more this summer. We'll have to figure out ways to keep him cool, like the covered sandbox and the pool, but he just loves to swing.  He'd be out there all day if I'd let him.  So many options, its going to take some time to find the right one, then persuading dad to let us get it and getting him to set it all up!!

Ok, I can dream right?!  I better start saving now!


Anonymous said...

Could you maybe put a portable gazebo over his swingset and sandbox? They have aluminum ones with canvas tops that are reasonably inexpensive ($80-100), and easily set up. They can be staked to the ground for stability. They can also easily be move to ensure the area you want stays completely shaded.

When my kids get hot on the trampoline, they beg me to let them direct the sprinkler onto it while they're jumping. Maybe you could do the same while Daniel is on the swing? Put the water pressure on low so it sprays him up to his midsection as he swings through the spray. Cooling AND fun!

Claire said...

There is an amazing thing called a cobber that could help keep him cool It is a bandanna that you soak in water, it contains crystals which absorb the moisture and release it slowly letting it evaporate on your skin and cool you.

You can get hats which do a similar things too.

Good Luck and enjoy the swing set!

Anonymous said...

we should get him a spritzer like they have at the zoo!

<3 Big C

Anonymous said...

cooling vest?

Kelly said...

Hey there...sounds like you guys are doing well. Daniel looks very happy in all his pics. We miss you guys. Life is so busy for us now between Addison and working full time and the new little one. Tell Daniel I said hi and I miss his smile.

Jenna said...

Hi Daniel
My name is Jenna and I came across your site. U are an amazing little boy, and such a brave courageous fighter and a little hero. U will be in my thoughts. I was born with a rare life threatening disease. U are a miracle.