Monday, August 9, 2010

Swan Neck

When I hear something about a swan - I think beauty and elegance.
But when you add the word deformity, that image kinda changes.

So when Swan Neck Deformity was mentioned I immediately looked at Daniel's neck and thought "What are you talking about? His neck looks fine."
Then it was explained to me, and I realized that I could take that knot out of my stomach cause it had nothing to do with his neck!

Swan Neck deformity is characterized by hyperextension (bending “backwards”) at the PIP joint (the middle knuckle) and flexion (bending down towards the palm) at the DIP joint (the end knuckle). In severe cases, the finger cannot be flexed at the PIP joint without passively (using the other hand) bending the finger to get it “started”.

Here is a little more on Swan Neck Deformity of the finger.  So our next thing will be working with a splint on his little finger.  Hopefully this will help strengthen it too so he has a little more pressure when pushing buttons.

Never heard of it before....and I still don't think the name fits, but according to the therapist the finger looks like the neck of the swan...Learn something new each day!


Cristina said...

"Swan neck" is quite possibly the most misleading and stupid-sounding piece of medical jargon we've come across. :) Glad I am not the only one who thinks that!

Katy said...

My friend's fingers all do that--every single one. Didn't know it had a name.

arief said...

I cant form that bent's abnormal formation i think...