Sunday, August 8, 2010

Bouncin' Birthday Party

What a wonderful day!

We celebrated Daniel's 5th Birthday.  The weather was great. The company was awesome.
Lovin' the bounce house
This year was extra special for me this year.  Daniel completely understood that it was his special day, his birthday.  He understood that he was having people over for a party.  He knew he was going to have a cake, balloons, a party, and people were coming for him.

So thanks to the family that came, and for making it a great day for him.

Adults were even having fun!
Bounce Daniel Bounce
This year we have two big birthday's within one week.  My youngest (Daniel) turns 5 and my oldest (Caitlin) turns 25 within four days of each other. One of my other daughters friend has a bounce house rental company (Bounce and Party) and gave us an awesome deal on one.  Caitlin has ALWAYS wanted a bounce house for her birthday, so to mark the monumental age of a quarter of a century  - she got to play in one! Much fun was had by all, and everyone was extra careful when Daniel went injuries  (well except for a skinned elbow by Brittany!)

 I swear I'm going to send this into Funniest Home Videos, I just about peed my pants! All I could say after I gained my composure was "Only typical".  Anyone that knows Brittany...will not be shocked.

Caleb & Gavin

Victoria, Chase, Caitlin & Daniel
Alexandra, Zachary, Brittany, Caleb, Victoria, Chase

Full View - Putting the "D" in place
Crane Construction Crown
1st time in the house

Tired from bouncing and waiting for cake!
Bounce House


Laura said...

5 years old! He looks great I love the video he is really weight bearing in his legs, great job Daniel and happy birthday you ROCK!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Daniel! Looks like you had an awesome day. :)
~Lisa & Konnor