Monday, August 2, 2010

Neuro-Developmental Treatment

Daniel is lucky enough to be able to participate in a class for therapists to learn there training in  NDT/Bobath training.  He was used as a "model" for the instructors to teach the students what to look for and how to handle a child - of course there were cameras on him so he was hammin' it up.

NDT is an intensive educational course for therapists and provides them with information on how to treat children with movement issues.  Everyone that works on Daniel is a licensed, experienced pediatric PT/OT or speech pathologist.  So there is no  harm to Daniel during the training!  :)  His regular PT got him involved in it and I'm so happy she did.  She is already certified in it, so she isn't in the training.  But it gets Daniel some more therapy time for free...couldn't ask for anything better than free right?!?!

So for the next few months, Daniel will be going on Fridays, Saturdays & Sundays!  He got paired up with two really nice girls.  Girls = Daniel is a happy camper!  I swear that kid is one of the biggest flirts around.

Daniel has gone the last 3 days and each time he comes out babbling up a storm, but tired beyond  belief.  So whatever they have him doing is working on his talking!  I know that this months session is working on his arms and core.  They tell me he does wonderful in there and are seeing some really cool things!

Here is a link to a site about NDT from the person who is running the instructional part of the course.

And here is another link to explain exactly what NDT is.


blogzilly said...

Good for him. And anything that results in you seeing tangible improvements is awesome.

Stanley the Writer said...

How did you get hooked up with this? I bet that other kids could benefit from 'training' sessions at local universities and these types of certification training. Thanks for posting!