Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The New Swing

Remember here where I told you about my internet search and I came across this little ditty?

Well it is a huge success in the house.  Yes I am using another piece of equipment but please note that you can't see in the photo but there is someone standing right there and there is a mat underneath Daniel IF he should fall.  NEVER would I leave him unattended at any point in time.
Its just a way for Daniel to feel like a typical child and NOT have to have someones hands on him at all times.  He can move himself.


Here we get to try it laying on him tummy
And this is when we say its time to get out of the swing


Needless to say, he likes to swing! 


Candace said...

What a cooooooool swing! I have never seen one like that but he sure does seem to love it!

Lisa said...

Is that a bumbo seat on a round piece of wood? Did you make it?
He looks great in it!

Melanie said...

Hey Candace-

Its his new favorite piece of equipment!

Melanie said...

Hi Lisa - It is a childrite seat (which is a larger version on a bumbo for special needs kiddos) and its a swing that I just purchased here

and we love it!

Anonymous said...

Swinging is such a good and fun activity! Barbara

Wherever HE Leads We'll Go said...

I LOVE these pictures. That last one is just priceless. I have seen the Child Rite seat many times and wondered if it would really work for Emily since she does not have good head control. How tall is Daniel?

Melanie said...

Hey there-

Daniel is about 44 inches tall. I love the Childrite seat, we use it all over the place. The swing, the wagon are just a couple examples.

Anonymous said...

does the swing hook into the ceiling or is there a different wayw you can do it? I love it but we live in apartments so we can't do anything permanent.