Thursday, May 6, 2010

Stay At Home Mom

Someone recently asked me what line of work I did.
Well currently I am not working outside the home.
I am taking care of my son.

Oh so you're a stay at home mom!


I am very rarely home. I take Daniel to school and come home to work on my little business and make phone calls to insurance companies, providers, schedule doctors appointments. If I'm lucky I also take a shower during this time.
Then on good scheduled days I bring Daniel home to eat lunch and hopefully he gets in a 20-30 minute nap. While he's napping I'm trying to clean or continue with phone calls. Then we run and drive 30-45 minutes to therapy for an hour and drive another 30-45 minutes back home. Of course like I said on a good scheduled day that's how it goes. Most days are not well scheduled and we have no time in between school and therapy so we leave right from school get to therapy and eat in 15 minutes. Then its sometimes 2 or 3 therapies in a row, sometimes we have an hour to drive from one therapy facility to another one that is about 30 minutes away and he eats again. This is done 5 days a week.

Just to give you a look at Daniel's schedule-which by the way is also mine :)

8:00-9:00 get ready for school, stretch legs and arms, eat breakfast, medicines

9:00- 11:00 school
11:00-12:00 drive to therapy and eat lunch in the lobby
12:00-1:15 speech therapy
1:15-2:00 drive home
2:00-2:30 eat snack
2:30-3:30 naps
3:30-4:00 Drive to therapy
4:00-5:00 Physical therapy
5:00 -5:45 drive home
5:45-6:00 helps get dinner ready
6:00-6:30 eat dinner
6:30-7:30 hangs with family
7:30-8:30 gets meds, stretches and ready for bed

This is a day with no doctors appointments and no other errands to run...get the idea?

Stay at home mom?
Um I don't think so....I wish! Us "stay at home mom's" aren't always so "lucky" as people tend to think. I'm not sitting in front of my TV eating bonbons, and NO I don't get to sleep in either!


Candace said...

OH Melanie, you and I are both on the same wavelenth today. I just ranted about the same thing! We just need to double to take care of our kids and one to do all the errands, housework, phone calls and the like. Ok, I am going to start working on that right away! LOL!

blogzilly said...

Most people who KNOW you know that you are busy with a ton of stuff. Statement like 'oh you are a stay at home Mome' most likely would come from people who are ignorant of your situation, and thusly should just be ignored. :)

C said...

::fist bump::

You nailed it, Melanie. :o)

Katy said...

I hear ya! Except I don't cook dinner.

Charlie's schedule is usually incredibly hectic. It's really bad right now because he's three and getting transitioned out of Early Intervention.

Wherever HE Leads We'll Go said...

My husband is the one that stays home, but he is always saying he doesn't have a lot on his schedule, but Emily does! She keeps him running!

Lynn from For Love or Funny said...

You are the Chief Executive Officer in charge of Developing New Talent for the Company. You go, girl!

Ellen said...

Um, wow. Melanie, do you drink a lot of coffee? Because you have a crazy amount of energy. And can I just say, you are the most amazing mom. Oh, yes, you WORK.

A. Smith said...

Hi, I came over from Ellen's blog at Love that Max to say hi.

There are studies and statistics that show a SAHM actually does more in a day then most office workers. You hit it right on the nose when you said you might sneak in a shower. People don't realize the multi-tasking that goes on behind closed doors and how little time there is for us moms to take for ourselves.

Cathy N said...

Very well put! I am so tired of people thinking I do nothing all day. My schedule looks very similar to yours.

Candace said...

Hi Melanie! Stopping by from Ellen's blog to say hi!
Wow! You truly do have a busy day. I to am a SAHM and sometimes I get frustrated with how much I have to get done in a day BUT nothing compared to how much you do in a day! You're amazing!
BTW, I love the crowns you make. Where do you get the time???