Thursday, May 6, 2010

Cares for Kids Radiothon

A couple years ago Daniel was one of the children that helped with the 96.3 Radiothon.
Well its going on right now - TODAY
and its still an awesome program.
So if you can bring yourself to make a donation please do.

Here is what the interview/song was that they played for Daniel. Listen to the song and it just makes you wanna least it does me!

DONATE 1-866-963-GIVE
Photo and video editing at

Heres a photo of Daniel on bike day. Picking out which bike he wanted.!!


Anonymous said...

yep, still gives me goose bumps til this day.

"he's MY strong guy, he keeps me going"


Rebecca said...

Visiting from Max's blog! I love your crowns!

Rebecca M. said...

Another Rebecca visiting from Max's blog.

Janet "Grammy" Harrold said...

I am also visiting from Max's blog. I also have a blog that I try and sell my artwork for some of hailey's alternate therapies. Great job! you are very creative I will add you to my blogroll.