Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Better Than Normal on iPad

My daughter felt the need to taunt me.
She knows how badly I want the iPad for Daniel.
So she sent me a text letting me know she "touched" one first............. before me.
She also let me see via text how well our site looks on the iPad.

so Brittany, Daniel and I send this message to you:
(remember Daniel is working on rhyming words)

Dear Brittany:

1)I have a word I'm thinking of calling you and it starts with an "S" and rhymes with hot.
2)I am working on the letter "U"
3)I have another word that rhymes with PINK that starts with "s"
Put it all together and it says??

Love your favorite brother who does NOT have an iPad,



Anonymous said...

Mom.. I don't understand your first one but I do not suck.

Melanie said...

work on your rhyming girl.

Candace said...

We are dying for one too! Faith got to play with a demo one yesterday and she is in LOVE!