Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Crowns for those Kings and Queens

Since we've pretty much been in "lock down" because of sickness
we are getting a little stir crazy, so Daniel and I talked about it and he told me
he wanted me to make him something special...

So this is what we've come up with so far..

A Spongebob crown. Yes, we were bored! But Daniel loves Spongebob.

Of course we're also making them still for people who are ordering. (Thank You)
Here are a few of the custom orders, which I love cause I get to design them pretty much how I want!

This one is Kylie and she needed one to match her pretty dress she was wearing! I think she liked it ;) I love when people follow up with me afterwards to let me know if the kids liked the crowns or not...that makes my day!

This is for Vera Rose
They actually ordered 2 crowns, one for Vera Rose and the other one for "lil' pickle"

This "monster" crown is for Max over at this blog

Also the twin were celebrating a birthday too. They have the reversible crowns!

Now, I'm off to work on the custom crowns for Abby and Ernie (from Sesame Street), two newborn crowns for twins (boy and girl) that are going to be arriving any day!
If any one's interested, we can pretty much make whatever you'd like in whatever size crown, infant, child, and adult..

Yes, we've done adult crowns for a group of runners who wore them for the whole marathon
Looks like they all had fun


Deana said...

Thanks so much for Max's crown! He looked so handsome and happy in it!!

Wherever HE Leads We'll Go said...

These crowns are so cool. How cute is little Kylie in her crown!

JSmith5780 said...

Love the Spongebob!

ferfischer said...

Love our crowns - can't wait for the girls' birthday to show them off

Mel Fraase said...

GASP! SpongeBob?! I may need to place an order soon!!! Piper still loves her crown!

MJStump said...

Kylie did indeed love her crown, and so did everyone else at her party!

Thanks again so much for making us a crown to officially make her a princess on her birthday :)

Crystal Darnell said...

we got Colton's crown today, he didn't know what to think at first but then figured out it made noise and he LOVED it. Thanks so much!!!

Jennifer said...

Love the creativity! If you can make an Elmo or Cookie Monster one then I will definitely be getting one!

Jennifer said...

I can't wait to see Abby crown. I'll probably get one for Kayleena. I didn't read your blog the first time. I like to look at pictures first.

Melanie said...

Hey Jennifer we can do Elmo and Cookie Monster! Still working on the Abby crown, I wasn't sure what she looked like as we don't watch too much Sesame Street (gasp! Iknow horrible mom!)