Thursday, October 22, 2009


As you can imagine having a child with special needs, heck even a typical child you have these certain fears.

Things that you are scared to do but you do them because you have to, or to show your child how to get past the fear.
Generally, these fears are things like - surgery, horrible diagnoses', fear of losing them, that kind of thing.

I have this one fear, that the thought of it just gives me the worst stomach ache. Putting it down in words, it is silly. Stupid actually. Unexplainable. There are so many,
much more worse things we've had to put Daniel through and I can't understand why this task ALWAYS gets me worked up.

The dentist.

He's a good dentist, works well with special needs kids, but I HATE him. No, lets correct that, I don't hate him. I hate what he does. I've taken Daniel once by myself to the dentist and he had to have some work done. The dentist said that it wouldn't take long and that he wasn't going to give him anything because it was just the surface. He was quick I suppose, although a child screaming for 10 minutes seems like a lifetime. Especially when you can't do anything to help him. That was the last time I took him alone. I now make Lonnie take off work and go with me. Even then I still get sick, but we both go into the consult room with Daniel. Then when it comes time for the work, Lonnie takes Daniel to the room and stays with him. I sit in the waiting room doing everything I can NOT to get myself worked up and start throwing up.

I'm not afraid of the dentist, never have been. I guess my fear comes from feeling complete helplessness, and the guilt. Aw it just sucks plain and simple. I was hoping writing about it would make me feel better but it hasn't! LOL

Daniel chipped another tooth tonight, on what? I don't know!
Lonnie was brushing his teeth and said "Hey, when is Daniel's dentist appointment?"
Immediately (I am not kidding) the heart palpitations started and a feeling of dread came over me. Why? Because I now have to call the dentist in the morning, have them schedule Daniel in to fix the tooth ASAP (its sharp and I assume somewhat sensitive). They will most likely tell me to bring him in tomorrow and Lonnie is at work and can't get off!
Which means I will have to take him myself.

The dentist will repair it and he'll do it as quickly as he can, but it will only be me there. UUUGH - Why does a silly simple dentist appointment get me into an anxiety attack!
He's had tests upon tests done. He's had surgery, crap he's got some serious diagnosis' going on....and I'm flipping out about the frickin' dentist!! Sheesh!

He knows the building from the outside and he'll start with his clinging the minute I take him out of the car. He'll wrap his little arms around me and hold tight. JUST BLOWS!

Good thing is - he does like the balloon after wards.
I wonder if they will give ME the drugs to relax? :) Can't hurt to ask right!

Tell me I'm not the only one with something simple that they freak out about! C'mon just lie to me, make me feel better!!


Lexie said...

We had a dentist phobia with our kids. What we did was make little field trips to the dentist without an appointment. We'd drive up, walk in, say hi to the receptionist and dentist, read a book in the waiting room and leave. If it was a slow day, the dentist would let us come into one of the exam rooms, sit in the chair and chat with us for a couple minutes. It might make Daniel feel better about the office and a happy Daniel should make for a happier Daniel's mommy.

Kristina said...

This is how I feel about the neurologist visits. We have an apt. next week and I've been anxious about it all month - pretty much since I flipped the calendar and realized we meet again with her this month!

Good luck!

blogzilly said...

That's the most un-frightening dentist pic I've ever seen! :)

But I get what you mean, they can be hard to deal with. I can't do ANY doc trips alone, Jen has to go with.

Rich said...

I has to be hard not being able to help. Maybe you do need a different dentist? Unless this is just Daniel's state... Like other kids, what if the Dr took the time to show him the tools, maybe even do work on a doll? Sheesh... Sounds like the guy just wants to "Strap him down, clamp his mouth open and clean his teeth with an air hammer"... Poor thing...

I can't imagine what you moms think when us kids go threw things. I could just see the fear on moms face when my O&M told her "Oh we'll have him traveling to Philly on the train in no time!"! - Well guess what, I am... and it's not so bad! :-)

Hang in there mom!

Katy said...

Personally, I'd want a new dentist. I have a friend whose a dentist and we discussed Charlie's needs for quite a bit. She said we could come once just to visit if we wanted. She also said that she could try laughing gass to see if that kept him calm. She said that if that didnt' work, then there are plenty of dentists who work in hospitals and your child can be put under anthesthesia to have work done. It shouldn't be torture.

I used to feel the same way about the neurologist. I'd make somebody go with me every single time.