Friday, September 11, 2009




Let me just say this...just because you have this on your license plate does NOT mean you have the right to park in a spot when you DO NOT have the person with you that is requiring you to have that symbol on the license plate.


Just because you have the plate on your car doesn’t give you the right to drive like an a$$hole either. It gives you the right to get a space closer so you don’t injure yourself, or have to walk or travel in your wheelchair for a far distance. But it does not mean that you have the right to be stupid and drive like a nut.


I hate when people misuse the plate.  If you need it fine, use it. I understand.  But come on, there are people out there that really need it.


Yes I have it on my car for Daniel.  He is in a wheelchair yes, and believe me there are times when I get looks from people because they don’t understand.  Do I use it all the time?  NO, when its nicer out I will park in the normal spots however far it might be, because I KNOW that there is some who is more needing of that spot than me.  If its crappy out then yes, we use it.  If I am alone with Daniel and going shopping for many things,  YES I use it. But if I pull up at the same time someone else is and they are older and by themselves and appear to need it, I give that space up.






See this?


For the people who don’t know what this is, it is a ramp built into the curb of the sidewalk so people who are in wheelchairs can get up the step.  Otherwise, generally they can’t and they are stuck... 


So calling all dumbasses....STOP PARKING YOUR CAR in front of it.

Even for those dropping someone off in a wheelchair and you have that special plate.  It does NOT mean for you to park there and cover it...there are other people in wheelchairs and walkers BESIDES YOU.  You are NOT the only one in the world!  PULL UP....DO NOT BLOCK THE WALK WAY.


Ok I’m done.  That was my rant for the day.  Sheesh, I guess the little thins lately put me over the edge.  But come on man, lets use common sense here, do the right things and don’t abuse your rights.


And to those who don’t heed my words?  Well then...




blogzilly said...

I'll say this about you...when you get fired up you REALLY get fired up! But yeah, you're right in every respect. FAR too many people abuse things like that, and FAR too many dumbasses make up the American gene pool.

And how's this for irony. My word verification is 'vanners'. Van Manners? As in van with wheelchair type thing parking in front of ramp? WEIRD!!!!

Sherry C said...

Way to go !! I totally agree.. I have a wheelchair permit that i only use when necessary. In ontario you would get a ticket if the person who needs the permit is not in the car.

Another pet peeve of mine is people who park in the pregnancy parking spots when they are not pregnant at walmart or toysrus i mean really!

Rich said...

I see it all the time. The ones that bother me more are the "Mothers with Toddlers" spots now, like a handicap sport, but not for handicap people.

I also see this every day at our local post office, people park in the handicapped spots "just for a minute" while they run inside for their letters; THE proceed to do a U turn in the middle of the street... No cops, no ware! Oh what fun.

Also the ones who do not clear the curb ramp in winter and you have to step over the mound of snow. No one in a wheelchair would pass.

And finally ramps with out truncated domes (aka the Lego block pattern). You know why they are their? It's so blind people can tell they are at a ramp, and don't walk right off in the street. - Blind people have been KILLED because they did not know or feel with their cane they walked into the street because there was no curb. -I DID IT DRONING O&M TRAINING!

So people who use ramps like Daniel; should also demand truncated domes be installed. So every one can be safe. Mom should add a photo to the post :)

Katy said...

I heard once that there are stickers that you can leave on people's cars that say just that--for when they park horribly.

Like Rich, I see the people doing it at the post office all the time and it makes me batty. We don't have a tag--yet--but we will very soon.

TMI Tara said...

Hi girl! Just wanted to let you know that I did a post about your crowns!

I couldn't agree with you more on the parking issue. We haven't gotten our permit, so it especially BUGS when I see people misusing. Don't even get me started - my blood's starting to boil!

baby trevor's mommy said...

Good stuff, Melanie! I'm a rant addict!