Thursday, September 10, 2009

Draw me a Picture…

Over the summer we have been practicing the alphabet, shapes, colors and numbers with Daniel.  He really has gotten them quite well.


No he is not speaking them, but he recognizes them and when asked he will pick them out.  So the other day while I was working in the craft/office room I gave him an area to write and practice his stuff.


We have folding closet doors that are mirrored, so I gave him a dry erase marker. Told him to draw me a picture, and this is what I got.



If you look closely he did draw on the mirror…then decided he ran out of room, so decided to tattoo himself! Sheesh…I had my back turned for just a second!


I guess I’m not very good at juggling multiple tasks at one time.  I was just trying to attend to the calendar and figure out Master Daniel’s schedule, travel arrangements and feedings, along with school, new therapy times, outside engagements (he’s starting on a baseball league in 2 weeks!) and ATTEMPTING to get a little bit of my schedule in there too!


Perhaps this was his way of saying “Hey Mom….I want you to play with me!” or perhaps he was just being a little boy with marker in hand, not supervised well and he drew on the freshly painted wall too! shhhh, dad didn’t see that one yet!


of course when I turned and looked and him with a gasp, I got a big $hit eatin’ grin and he was so very proud of himself. Little stinker.


Wherever HE Leads We'll Go said...

OK, he is the cutest little stinker I have ever seen! : )

Love the first day of school pics too - he looks so grown up! Glad everything went smoothly for him.

Anonymous said...

of course he drew on his self all kids do when no ones looks. typical boy just experimenting and exploring. i would encourage him to do more doodling on his own without supervision and see what you get.

JSmith5780 said...

hey if you figure out a good way to get wipe erase marker off skin and clothes, please share!

Another thing to try on mirrored doors? Shaving creme! My kids have done this in OT many tiems. Beware though, it leaves the mirrors foggy if you don't windex well.