Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Summer Sponsored by Solo Cups

Ok, how many of us have decided to have a little get together and we run to the store to grab those very well known red plastic cups? Well check out this! We were selected to test out and review the new Solo Squared Cups.
Its the first of its kind, its SQUARED and its fun!

Solo Squared is available in 18-ounce and 9-ounce plastic cups in the standard well known red and also blue colors. Solo Squared combo packs with 9-ounce cups, lids and multi-color straws help to reduce spills and are the perfect fit for smaller hands. How many times have you given a cup to a little one only to have it "slip" through their hands. Solo Squared also has four ergonomic grips, ensuring a more comfortable and reliable hold. By the way the 9 oz. cups come with a lid and straw making it PERFECTO for the little ones!

I also like these cups for the every day use. I hate doing dishes! So when we sit down for lunch or we picnic outside, out come the cups!

Here are some fun little facts about Solo Cups.
Did you know.....

*Solo® Cup has been an American icon since its red party cup was introduced in the 1970’s
*Solo cups aren’t just for drinking, they’ve been used to make everything from Halloween costumes to flower pots to a runway dress seen on a popular TV show
*Solo cups are a backstage must-have – rock bands and movie sets stock their dressing rooms across the country

Do you have any fun & innovative uses for these cups??!
Or are these just a staple you have for your summer time fun!!

Check here for stores that carry the Solo Squared Cups.
Check out here for the coupons for these fun little cups

If you're quick you can enter their contest also by just sending in a photo of your fun time using these cups!.

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