Monday, July 13, 2009

Yikes! That Was Close

So, we are out and about today and I'm sitting in the lobby waiting for Daniel's appointment. He's in his wheelchair sitting up tall and proud, talking away. Across the lobby I see this lady keep looking up from her book she is reading and glancing my way.

IMMEDIATELY, the "don't f*ck with me" attitude comes roaring through my body. I am not having a good day as it is and I'm ready to jump down somebody's throat. Just looking for an excuse to blow up. Anyone else ever have one of those days? Just pi$ed-off-at-the-world days?

So, Daniel and I continue to wait and I turn him more towards me and away from the eyes of the woman across the room. Well, Daniel squeals because we're looking at a magazine and he sees a dog. I see from the corner of my eye that the lady has set her book down and is walking towards us. To myself I am thinking---DEEP BREATH, go slow - don't pounce for the kill too soon. We don't want her to run before I can attack her!

Woman: Excuse me?
Me: Yes?
Woman: Can I ask a really forward question?
Me: (Thinking to myself...slow Mel, don't be rude right off the bat) I smile a smug little smile and raise my eyebrow and giggle, "Sure you can ask, but I might not necessarily answer."
Woman: smiles - "Is this your son, and does he happen to have the name of Daniel?"
Me: Well, I wasn't prepared for that. I was prepared for the "What's wrong with him"? question. "Yes...his name is Daniel and he is mine."
Woman sits in the seat next to me----inside my head...OK, here we go and she's sitting down getting ready for her attack.

Well, she sits and just about explodes "OMG....I'm so excited! My husband is going to be so jealous!" OK...this is weird.

She goes on to tell me that a friend of a friends of a cousin who is the 3rd removed 2nd cousin of Malcolm from Georgia got our name from a friend in Florida whose mother knows this little boy who has Infantile Spasms in Canada and they referred her to our blog and always check in but never leave comments cause they didn't want to feel like they were bothering me. He daughter has IS.

THANK YOU GOD for letting me take a deep breath and not lose it when the woman first walked over to Daniel and I. I was ready, I was going to pounce and go for the jugular.

Anyways- I was very flustered by the whole thing. She talked for about 4 or 5 minutes about her child and our experiences and who do we see. They just moved here and so on and so forth. So, then we get called back and as I'm sitting in the room with Daniel I realize I have forgotten the woman's name and can't remember if she even mentioned her daughter's name.

Well, besides the fact that I was really ready to kill someone today, I also looked like crap! How embarrassing...not a very good first impression, AND NOW I can't even remember the important information as to who she is. Talk about me being a flake sometimes... I'm Queen Flake today!

So, if you still visit the blog, I'm really not a b*tch. Ok, so sometimes I am. But I don't mean to be, its just sometimes the side of the bed I roll out of and what I have to step over in the morning that starts the day off wrong. Anyways, leave me a comment or email me.

Seriously, this is one of the reasons I write this blog (besides it being theraputic for me) is so that our experience might help someone else that is going through something similar. Also, so I can learn from other parents going down this road before me or at the same time. We're all on this really bumpy, crappy, not well traveled road, so ask away. And don't ever feel like you're bothering me, or any of the other parents that write guess is we're all here to help other parents get through some rough spots we've already been in.

Now I leave you with a photo of Daniel and his balloon his sisters got him today.
note: See the huge balloon!


JSmith5780 said...

holy huge balloon. That's cool!

It's hard sometimes to let our guard down but you can't tell who is friend or foe just by looking. I think we all need to take that deep breathe first. No matter the situation use it as a chance to educate.

Katy said...

How great is that?

I blog for the same reasons--like maybe somebody else won't feel so freakin' lost when the doctors say "brain damage" or "cerebral palsy" or "epilepsy." They'll be able to put a face on the whole thing.

Anonymous said...

WHAT A SMALL WORLD! isnt it crazy who you can meet.

that balloon is the funniest thing ive ever seen!!!
please email me that pic i want it on my computer.

daughter c

Big brother, Little sister. said...

what a very small world and what a massive balloon! lol
I really enjoy reading your blog too and can relate on many levels xo

wherever HE leads we'll go said...

How funny is that! Guess you didn't realize that you are "famous".

Love the GIANT balloon!

blogzilly said...

That's an awesome story. Glad you didn't fly off on the poor woman. And nice to hear she was a fan!

Kristina said...

I've never seen such a big balloon and I have to say I'm a bit jealous. Many people would love such a balloon! I bet Daniel feels pretty special with it!

Anonymous said...
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Melanie said...

Just so everyone knows...
That HUGE balloon is still floating, but it tends to move around the house on its own. Kind of scary to just come out of a room and its RIGHT in your way!