Monday, July 27, 2009

Bye Bye Birdies.....Lions, Tigers and Bears too!

Way before Daniel was born, when we moved into our new house. I planned 008for what I wanted the “baby room” to look  like.  I wanted zoo animals.


Lonnie and I both worked together on this room, me with my fat baby filled belly sitting on the floor hand painting each animal. Lonnie at a different wall doing the outlining of each animal with black  marker. (We wanted crisp lines!) When we were done I loved it.  All the different animals.  The blue sky with white puffy clouds.004 

Well, Daniel will be turning 4 yrs old in a couple of weeks and he has outgrown his room.  We call it his room, but in all actuality he might have slept in there a hand full of times and that is it.  When he was a little tiny baby he slept in a bassinet next to our bed.  At 4 months old he started having his seizures and I refused to let him sleep anywhere but with us.  We needed to watch him and make sure he didn't have seizures through the night and if he did, we needed to be right there to help him.


So, even though he didn’t really use this room, we did play in there a lot and we learned all the ASL signs for all of the animals. 003Or we’d sit on the bed and I’d ask him questions about an animal and he’d look at one for his answer.  “What flies in the air?” He’d look to the 4 birds. “Can you find the monkey?” He was so good at this one, because he didn’t just look at one of the monkeys. He’d first look at one, wait for you to say “Yep, that's the monkey!” and then his eyes would scan the room until he located the other two monkeys that were around the room.   



Once I figured I would trick him and I moved furniture around in the room to hide some of the animals that were on the wall. 009  And then I’d start again with my questioning about the animals.  “What animal has a really long trunk and uses it to drink water?”  Bam, he’d look towards the elephant.  Even if he was hiding, he knew that it was suppose to be there.  I’d see him look and I’d say “Oh no!  Where did that big elephant go?” and it would just send him into a fit of giggles.



005Well, since Daniel still does not use the room, and because our little business of selling our custom made hats/crowns and such is taking off, we have decided to convert the baby room into my office. Although I was very excited to have a place for all the crafting stuff and materials (instead of my dining room table) I didn’t want to cover the work that Lonnie and I did on that room. So, that is why you see all the photos of each animal.  I know you’re probably saying, “ENOUGH already with the baby room zoo animals!”


006We painted this weekend, “Juicy Cantaloupe” and “Ashwood Gray”. Here is a sneak peek. It’s not completed but it’s a start. I think it’s a fun room and Daniel even helped paint!  He loves all the bright ribbon colors. So, bye bye zoo animals and hello craft room!





Not the cute little room that the two of of made together with the expectation that our little baby would occupy. But, we now have the room that the three of us worked on together, with the expectation that orders will continue to come in and we’ll make a fortune on our craftiness. (That’s a hint people....spread the some crowns!! We can do college color crowns, birthday crowns, big brother/sister crowns, over the hill crowns, princess crowns with wands. Even those superhero002 crowns for the boys in your life!  You name it, we can make it.)


Katy said...

Room looks great! It looked great before too--those animals were just beautiful. Anyway, good luck with your business ventures--seems like things are coming along nicely.

Anonymous said...

i like the shelf unit in there it looks great! i wanna come play!

daughter c

Big brother, Little sister. said...

Melanie, it looks great! love the colours! we have the same ikea cup set up next to a blackboard.
I am in the process of ordering some crowns too, just need a few of us together to make postage to Aussie a good deal! lol