Friday, June 5, 2009

Zoo Expedition

Daniel missed his field trip last week because he was out sick. So, today I decided to take him to the zoo.


It started off with good intentions.  Daniel enjoys being outside.  Daniel does NOT enjoy being up close to the animals.  He likes pictures of Animals.  He does NOT enjoy the roaring tiger.  I could tell he was getting scared so I started to undo his seatbelt on his wheelchair.  The kid almost jumped out of the seat and into my arms!



I guess I am a little confused.  Is it just my child, or do children with CP have sensory issues?  Loud noises, big objects freak him out.








Here is a photo where he isn’t too freaked out. Also in the photo from left to right.  Zachary (his nephew) Brittany (his sister), Daniel and Victoria (his other sister). 


We decided to take Zachary with us cause his momma (Alexandra) is in the hospital.  WOW he is a handful!  He is very quick to undo his own belt and take off like a bat outta hell!


Oh well, at least we were outside for a few hours.  I don’t think Daniel missed too much from his field trip.  His teacher however I am sure would have had her hands full with my sensory issue child! :)


AZ Chapman said...

hi u asked a ?s about senusery issues.I am a 17 year old with cp and yes in my dose come with Sensery issues. I hated thunder when i was younger because of the loud sound it makes. I still hate loud noses but over time have come to tolarete i am sure d will too.

Bird said...

You know, for Charlie, it's more like new noises, images, etc. It's so funny because he starts off not-too-sure, but he gets over it pretty quickly.

The Early Bird said...

Let me quote a passage from your blog.

wherever HE leads we'll go said...

My daughter is 19 months old and she has MAJOR sensory issues. She wigs out about loud noises. We went to the zoo last week and she did OK with all the outside exhibits, but we went into a large tent for lunch and it was packed with people and very noisy. She was very jumpy and agitated the whole time. I couldn't wait to get out of there!

baby trevor's mommy said...

Our children's hospital hosts Dream Night once a year. It's basically by invite only. All special needs families.

Of course I catch myself looking around wide eyed...wondering if there's another IS kid out wandering the jungle paths. Or laughing at the elephants.

But my nosey-ness...I noticed a little girl wearing those headphones that block the noise. I thought that was really interesting...and thoughful. She was able to enjoy the sights WITHOUT the sounds.

Sounds don't bother Trevy...but I know they do some of his friends. I thought it was a neat idea...

Anyway...'nuf with the being nosey. I hate random pieces of advice from clueless take it for what it's worth! *smile*


Dianne said...

Yes. To the sensory issues. The zoo is OK for my son (he loves it there) but enclosed spaces with loud noises really freak him out. I know for sure I couldn't take him to a live concert or something like that. It would be too much.

And like AZ Chapman, my son also finds thunder really scary.