Friday, June 5, 2009

Hospital Woes

Well this time it isn’t Daniel who has the hospital visit.  The second oldest of my daughters is in the hospital this week with some medical issues that will involve some surgery.  This child has the worse luck when it comes to medical stuff!!


So, while she is in the hospital I’ve been doing babysitting duty or her littlest one, Chase.  Chase is only 2 1/2 months old, so you can figure out how much care he actually needs.


It has been determined that Daniel does not like when momma is holding another baby and feeding him.  Daniel also does not like that Momma “talks” to any other child. Daniel is jealous, which tends to make things a little more difficult.  Whenever I put Daniel down to tend to Chase, there is a loud uproar.  I try explaining it to him, and I am sure he understands me, but just will not cooperate!  Then when I have Daniel in my arms and Chase is in his rocker seat, Daniel is all cuddly and kissy.  Keeps looking up at me with the “I love you mommy” look.


So say a prayer that Alexandra is home soon.  I don’t think Daniel can take much more!! LOL


Hope said...

"My" Alexandra was just in the hospital too.

I hope "your" Alexandra comes home soon.

blogzilly said...

Hope everytying works out OK...

Justinich Family said...

Oh, I hope she makes a speedy recovery and comes out of surgery ok. I guess it is a good thing that you and Lonnie weren't planning on anymore kids. Daniel would not be too happy. Evan loves babies but I know we had some issues when I was watching my niece.