Thursday, June 11, 2009

Officially the end.

Tomorrow I will be going to Daniel's school and picking up his stuff. He's done for the school year. He's been out of school for a couple weeks now. It started with him having a cold that worked into a sinus issue. Then the day I was going to send him back to school the teacher was nice enough to call and let me know that they had a confirmed case of swine flu in his room. So much for going back! She knows how difficult it is for Daniel to get over things, so believe me I really appreciated her call!

Anyways, Lonnie & I decided not to risk it and we just called it a school year ended early.
It kind of sucks because Daniel really did enjoy going to school. After all my complaining at the beginning of the year on how much I HATED IT, I ended up liking it. I liked it because Daniel seemed to enjoy himself and it got him away from me for a while. I am sure he gets sick of looking at me all the time!

It is good to know that Daniel will have the same teacher next year, which I am pleased with as I believe she really cares about Daniel and the other kids. She's one of those people that when you meet her you know 'she's good people' and she isn't fake. Or at least I think! :)

She's so good that she has actually got me to let Daniel attempt to ride the bus to school for the 3 blocks! That is a big accomplishment. Now we just need to work on Lonnie!

So tomorrow, I pick up his equipment. They are letting us use a stander they have for the summer. Which I am so thankful for because we don't have one. Trying to get a standing dani approved through our second insurance and its like pulling teeth!

So for Daniel, summer if officially here.......and now hopefully we will start with therapies and I'm hoping to get him into aquatic therapy or hippotherapy. We shall see!!


Justinich Family said...

I think this is a good call on your part. I think Daniel will love riding on the bus. I know Evan loves it and he thinks he is such a big boy. Evan will start kindergarten in August. I am so nervou about it but I am happy with the people who are involved with him so far they seem to want what is best for Evan.

Ellen said...

I agree, good call. Let the summer begin!

Both aquatic and hippotherapy are amazing, Max has had both.