Wednesday, June 3, 2009



Who stole my baby and replaced him with this big kid?!?!
Daniel in his swing 6/09
Daniel in the same swing last year 06/08
Another one from the other day. Notice the big boy-ness?

Daniel from last year in June

Where did all my baby-ness go???


wherever HE leads we'll go said...

I cannot get over how cute he is! Just adorable! The difference in one year is amazing. You can barely see the blue part of the swing this year. WOW.

By the way - love the sponge bob gloves!

Melanie said...

I know.....his legs hang over the edge big time now!!
He loves his SpongeBob gloves...he wears them when we are gardening!

Sherry C said...

what a change! Please let me know what that little boy is eating so i can feed it to my daughter!!

FranticMommy said...

Cute! they grow so fast. My baby just graduated Kindergarten a few days ago! It seems like just yesterday he was sitting in his car seat, sucking on his gucky (paci) and kicking the back of my seat! Where does time go???

Anonymous said...

oh eeemmm gggg! he is huge! i cant believe how big he is, it looks crazy when you compare the pictures!
i love it!

Rich said...

WOW... Cool! Growing up fast... The photographer in me, reminds you to check the 7 Ages of Childhood (just google)... :-)