Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Who Wears Short Shorts

Well the weather is getting warmer, so I dug out shorts (size 3T) from last year for Daniel.

Washed them, put them on Daniel and proceeded to get the laugh of the day.

Victoria's first common when we came out of the bedroom in the morning.
"You're not serious are you? OMG Mom you can't send him to school in (gasp) those! He's "stuff" is gonna fall out of those!"

I really wasn't going to but just wanted to see a reaction from her, which sent me into another fit of laughter.
Apparently my 3 yr old son has gone and grown up on me. The shorts that I got last year at the end of the season which were suppose to fit him...DO NOT. They were suppose to be shorts that came to right above his knee. Not the short shorts from 1980!

In an early-summer attempt to solve our shorts problems, I went in search of little boy shorts that still looked like they were for little boys and not the ones that hang off the butt.
After much searching, I think I found some "acceptable" shorts. Ones that are not too short, too long, too tight in the waist, and ones that don't have elastic around the waist like a "baby". So my 3 year old is in a 5T!! Big boy!

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