Saturday, April 25, 2009

SIGH...Sucks Being Old!

Nothing makes one feel old more than when your children have birthdays. Brittany turned 20 last week, and next week Victoria will be 16. AND those two are not even the oldest kids...Caitlin will be 24 in August and Alexandra will be 22.

I take that back, Alexandra made me feel older when she made me a Grandmother!

How about Caitlin making me feel old when she said I needed to get with the times and get "Facebook". She created an account for me and that was last week.....I still can't figure out what the heck I'm doing on there!

Better yet, be at the store with your oldest daughter (23+) and your youngest son (3) and someone mistakes you for the grandmother. SWEET....Thanks for making my day!

Here's another one: "Why are you wearing that? You look like a grandma in that-I suppose you're wearing grandma undies too!" Nice, thanks for that image booster Tori, I appreciate it!

Then there is always the call from my daughter that is at college. We have a full conversation where I think she is talking about one thing in her college style lingo, and come to find out during the 15 minute conversation ...we're not even on the same page, hell we're not even in the same book! Not even close to talking about the same thing. Duh!!

Sometimes its not even a child who has to do something to make me feel older. There is the issue with my left knee which makes it almost impossible to squat down to pick up Daniel off the floor, or sit Indian style on the floor. OLD

Or waking up in the middle of the night with "hot flashes" or what I am assuming are hot flashes. Forgetting what the heck you were just doing seconds you walk back to the room you were just in thinking you'll remember. Doesn't work!

Mood swings- I'm going to say this comes with getting older. My girls will tell you that I've always been this way (they lie, did I ever tell you that??)

The yearning to always want to sleep. I use to hate sleeping, thought it was wasting the day away. Now, Sleep is my friend. I LOVE SLEEPING, I crave it. I look at the clock and think ooh only 8 more hours and I can go to bed. LOL I get excited when Daniel takes a longer than normal nap--cause then I can nap too!!

Anyone else feeling old? Or is it just me?!?! I always wanted to be that hip cool mom (I think thats the lingo they use) not the frumpy old fart mom. But least I am a good mom! (I think!)


blogzilly said...

I hear ya...I feel older with each passing day. It's the little aches and pains I can experience throughout a day and never even know why they are there.

Deb said...

Ha!im not that old,well i dont think so but now i have quite a few children in my group at work whose mums i used to teach!

MeghatronsMom said...

Ain't life a b!tch sometimes? I am getting there!

I'll be your friend on FB! Just let me know your last name & we can befriend one another!

Justinich Family said...

I am only 33 but my body is slowly falling apart. I have arthritis in my neck, and in my hip and will probably have to have a hip replacement soon. All this is because I had Juvenille Rheumatoid Arthritis that led to the degenerative arthritis. Plus I need to lose weight but it is so much harder when you are older. I love naps too.

Ellen said...

Hi! I can't believe you have a 24-year-old. You sure don't look it, from your photo.

I do know how you feel. Juggling everything—fulltime job, Max and Sabrina, husband, home, etc.—makes me feel old sometimes. I am lucky, not many wrinkles and no health problems (other than chubbiness!), though one of these days I feel like life is going to catch up with me. That's why I think, as that old song goes, it's important to feel young at heart. I feel like I look so much better when I am happy, you know?

I'll be your friend on FB, too!

Melanie said...

Ellen- Indeed they do. I see some picture of Max doing something and I think they do things the same in looks/physically!

Well up until 2 yrs ago I looked pretty frickin' good (I think!considering I had 5 kids) no wrinkles and such.

Now- life is taking its toll!! LOL but thats ok, I will just roll with the punches!