Sunday, April 26, 2009

Interesting Google Search

It's funny the things people are looking for in Google searches.
What is even more odd is, when they do these searches...our blog is coming up as a hit somewhere along the line.

Here are some of our favorites.

how do you stop snots from coming when you sneeze (um yeah, good luck with that)
when i get sick my boogers are green (c'mon...really?)
picture of a sneezing person (why?)
pictures of snots and sneezing (was the sneezing person just not enough for you?)
boogers normal (what is a normal booger???)
boogers nasal hair (ouch)
my child has stuffing nose booger (wow...a kid with a stuffy nose and boogers? very strange)
why is snots green (lol)
picking boogers with fingernails (yep...that's how you do it)
picking boogers with fingernails videos (for the person who just can't seem to figure it out)
green boogers when sick (what color were they BEFORE you got sick??)
snots (yep, that about covers it)
put heat on unpopable zits (not related to boogers, but I loved the 'unpopable zits' name for my band.)
hard versus sticky boogers (hmm...i wonder who won? my money is on sticky)
green boogers of cp (are these different than green boogers of non cp?)
how to get a child to get the boogers out of his nose (have finger, will travel)
can green boogers be normal (better question....can green boogers NOT be normal?)
are green bugars normal (yes, but spelling it 'bugars' is not)
green booger like coming out of mouth (TMI)
boogerectomy (one of my all time favorite terms)
what are normal boogers (how would YOU answer this question?)
Is it normal to have hard boogers? (not if you get them out in a timely fashion)
booger nose dolphin (the famous cousin of the bottlenose dolphin perhaps?)

Now, with all that you've just seen....
Do you think perhaps I might write way too much about boogers?
I didn't think I did....but perhaps I do!

Boogers, boogers and more boogers!


jamie said...

omg....i just laughed so hard when i read booger nosed dolphin....i wonder why someone googled that??


ha! Boogers everywhere! :)

Bird said...

I don't want to be laughing, but I am!

Hey, are you guys going to Montreal any time soon?

AshleyS said...

everybody's got 'em, might as well talk about 'em!

Andrea said...

This is hilarious Melanie. Thanks for making me smile today :)