Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Do You Have a Code Word?

Remember when you were growing up and your parents taught you a secret "code word"?

You and your parents agreed on a code word that is easy to remember. This way, if anyone told you that you need to go with them because your parents were hurt or in the hospital, you'd can ask them for the code word. If they know the code word that you and your parents shared, it was safe to go with them. If they do not know the code word, you were supposed to run away from them as fast as possible

Well our purpose of the code word is different from what I described above, but just wanted to give you the idea of why. Daniel's therapist gave me the idea because part of therapy sometimes involves cooking. We will change the word for home because the word the therapist used, we will use too often (therapy code word - delicious) for my stellar cooking skills! Lonnie stop laughing its not that bad.

Anyways, the purpose of the code word at home/therapy is for when your little one has helped prepare food or made a treat. They are so proud that they mixed up the ingredients, or added something, cooked it. They are beaming with joy, and they want to share with you.

Well if I say to Dad...'Daniel and I made cookies, they are Scrumdiliumptious

Scrumdiliumptious =Home Code word) he then knows to say "Wow those look great, you did an awesome job, but I think I'll wait to have those for my bedtime snack. I can't wait!"

Why you ask?
Because in our house
scrumdiliumptious now means : Our little guy helped make them and is very proud of his accomplishments but he sneezed, coughed, drooled in the batter so eat at your own risk! Or if he just added too much of the wrong ingredient like salt or something! But don't you dare say anything to burst his bubble!

Although it will always be fun when someone doesn't catch the code word and takes a big chomp from the cookie with too much salt, and they have to mask the look of disgust quickly because Mom will kick you in the shin if you let on.

So be warned - if you hear the code word while you're at my house. Eat at your discretion. :)


Jessica said...

I love this! great idea!

MeghatronsMom said...

We call ours Meghan-infested. Or those are made with "extra love". LOL These kids are just too funny.

Sherry C said...

Oh that is so cute! I bet he loves cooking

Anonymous said...

ha! thanks for the info on the code word ill try to remember that! you should post it on the fridge for those oh so forgetful children you have. hahaha :)

Anonymous said...

Great idea! That "code" word brings back memories.

Keri said...

Scrumdiliumptious, only one of my favorite words ever! This made me smile ear to ear. I even chuckled out loud. Too funny!

Jennifer said...

I love that idea. I'll have to share that with Tyse's SLP.

Laura said...

Very funny, excellent idea! I hope one day I will get to use one with Jonathan!