Thursday, March 19, 2009

My Wish List is Growing!

As a special needs parent I am always searching for some way to teach Daniel the things a typical 3 year old should know. When I say ALWAYS, I really mean always. I constantly watch what other kids have, what toys his therapists use to keep him going while they are exercising him.Things that his little uncooperative hands can hold onto. Something not to big, and not to small.

I am also looking for alternative ways to use the toys. It needs to be fun, educational and therapeutic all at once. This is not an easy job, actually it can be stressful. I refuse to be one of those moms that puts their child in front of the TV. Don't get me wrong, some TV is good. I just want him to be stimulated by more than "the one eyed baby-sitter". so I search for hours to find good toys. Imagine how excited when I was lead to this site called ebeanstalk. Well upon looking more at the site, I was very excited to see that they have specialist, experts and therapists that review each toy. These experts only pick the best toys for learning and development. Those are my kind of toys!! This little tid-bit I grabbed off their site: “Developmentally Delayed” is a broad term applied when specific milestones such as crawling, grasping, walking, speaking, etc., are not being achieved within a timely manner. This can occur for any number of reasons and can be as simple enough reason as low muscle tone, oral motor weakness or maybe just because a child is taking his own time. Our experts have selected baby toys and toddler toys in each age category, for each discipline, which they believe most effectively help children to meet these milestones. As with all of our toys, each one is shipped with an instruction card with suggestions on how to use play to build a strong foundation on which to grow."

I thought it especially cool that they have a section for development delays/special needs kids. Yes I saved that as a favorite link too!

Anyhow, I was excited to find some place that is reasonably prices (not hiked up prices because they are classified as "special needs toys") and a site that was user friendly. I don't know the last time I found a site that had this level of pre-screening of the toys prior to making them available to the general public.

When you check it out and you buy something, use this code when you check out.
The code is TGS345 to be entered at the shopping cart and you can save 15% off your order (if used before June 30,2009).

There is also free shipping on orders over $65.00. Just be sure to enter the code FREESHIP$65

Now I just have to figure out how I'm going to explain the sudden increase of toys to my husband. I could always say that they just appeared on the doorstep. Do you think he'd believe me?? These will be the first to arrive :)

Little does he know, I still have a whole list of things I want to get!! The wish list for Daniel is one that I will have to take in steps (to avoid an argument), I have to sneak them in slowly!!


Jennifer said...

As I mentioned before I love reading your blogs. You find the most interesting stuff for special need parents. You do such a great job in finding toys, information or books for children with needs. You should really think about creating some kind of project or website devoted to all the things that worked for Daniel or things you found that help.

Ellen said...

Good finds!!!

C said...

Melanie! How did you know I needed this?! Thanks very much -- I've been at my wits end over this very topic.