Sunday, March 22, 2009

March Madness

Are you here because you thought you'd find something about college basketball?

Looking for updates for your brackets? Or did you come here because you heard me scream in frustration?

If you're here about basketball, I know nothing. (And Lonnie was so excited to see the title of this post...he is so disappointed right now!)

But, I am here to please. So, if your DID come here for basketball, Lonnie made the image above link to the NCAA bracket update page. Enjoy!

If you're here checking in to see how we're doing in the month of March? Well, I'll tell you its complete madness. Up until lately I would tell you that I followed these instruction to clearing out Daniel's nose. But right now.....I'm doing whatever works. Battery Operated Nasal Aspirator. Fingernail. Wadded up Tissues. Funnel. WHATEVER to help him breathe.
We are on day 22 of March and this is what its been up until now.

March 1- 9 Daniel out of school and therapy completely from being sick
March 10-16 Daniel still out of school & return part time to therapies
March 17-19 Daniel back to school and therapy full time.
March 20-22 Daniel sicker than a dog yet again.

What the heck? For the life of me I cannot get my kid healthy this year. For 2 1/2 yrs I could proudly say, that Daniel was hardly ever "sick". Yeah he had some medical issues, but truly sick....he was not. Now it seems like his body is playing catch up. Only problem is, he is missing all the things he could be learning in school. His body just isn't as strong as it was, he doesn't have the endurance that he use to have. He's just plain tired, worn out.

Its like I get him healthy, and then send him back to his normal schedule and within days we're sick again. I wonder if they sell giant plastic bubbles at Target??
It is so bad, I don't know who is more miserable. Daniel who is the one sick or me the one tired of calling into school sick and canceling therapy appointments. 3 days in school so far this month, and I don't think we've completed even a third of the therapy sessions.


Bird said...

My understanding is that this is a completely normal thing for kids who haven't been in daycare before school.

Mine's at home with me and he's been sick for almost a month straight and like you, I'm a wit's end.

Laura said...

I am so sorry, I wondering if its our crazy Michigan weather this year?! Jonathan has a running nose one day fine the next then back to a runny nose I dont get it! Well lots of prayers and big hugs your way!


AshleyS said...

been there, done that! we did so well the first couple of years and then we started battling bugs that just wear Clayton down! Here's hoping Daniel gets better ASAP!