Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Winter Break

The kids are on winter break from school. A whole week off.
While some kids are going with their family on trips to Florida or warmer weather, we just choose to sleep in!!
Take some extra snuggle times, attempt to relax, and laying around watching movies.
The extra snuggles are the best part.
I am lucky that Daniel still tolerates them as much- Victoria on the other hand does not!

We're taking some time to "play" and get familiar with the new ECO that we have. (I will hopefully post a little video as soon as I figure out how to do things on it!)

Update on the potty attempts- he is doing so well! Goes every morning when I put him on. Has gone #2 multiple times now. We're slow to the gate on this, but we're getting there slow and steady.

ABR: This upcoming weekend is the first satellite training, and we're going to miss it. I am bummed about this, but I am trying to roll with the punches. We feel that we need to get these seizures controlled before we start to introduce new exercises. Now this is not the way ABR thinks. The exercises will help with the seizures in their eyes, and medicine is not the answer. But again it is our gut feeling that these types of seizures take priority over therapies of any kind. If we don't have seizure control, we will regress and no matter how much we've done at therapies, it will be gone. So because we are scheduled for a hospital stay (VMR and testing) during this time, we are opting to miss this session and go again in May to Montreal. We are also possibly going to be starting Daniel on ACTH in the next week, and we cannot afford him to get ill by being around a bunch of people. We pulled him out of school two days early last week because there was something nasty going around his class. Difficult decision but in the end, we feel we're doing the right thing for Daniel. We will continue to do the exercises taught to us in October, and hopefully we will not be too far behind.

Now, if you'll excuse me.....I'm off to snuggle with the little one! He makes me feel better when I'm outta sorts.


Justinich Family said...

Enjoy your snuggles. I think that you are making the right decisions in regards to Daniel, and even so it does not matter what I or anyone else thinks, it is what you and Lonnie think is best for your son. Hope things go well.

Jennifer said...

We'll miss you this week, but we completely understand. Good luck at the Video EEG. We're thinking and praying about you guys often.