Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Hospital Deja Vu

We are in the hospital again for Daniel's VMR (Video EEG). Odd, but it seems like we've been here before? Not sure why?

Could it be....oh, we were just here last month? Seems vaguely familiar. Deja vu. Could it be because over the last 3 1/2 yrs, we've been here umpteen times? Can you tell how much I despise being here? Oh really I love it.... Can you hear the sarcasm through the computer?

This time seems to be extra special. Why you ask? Well I'll tell you. WE DON'T HAVE A ROOM BY OURSELVES!! This is the first time we are sharing a room. For those people who are in the hospital more frequently than others, lets review;

"Semi-Private Room Etiquette"
  • You and your guests are NOT the only ones in the room, therefore it is inappropriate to have the volume on your television set to DEAFENING!
  • Do NOT crank the heat up to sweltering on the thermostat. Your mouth flapping continuously will create enough energy to heat the room.
  • It is NOT recommended that you have a mini family feud with your older brother about who got to play more of the frickin' handheld video game.
  • While sharing a room, it is NOT kind to burp, belch, pass gas and then say "oooh that was a good one".
  • That we use INSIDE voices (as in whispering) when other room mate is SLEEPING. Outside voices are meant for "outside"
  • It is not appropriate to the you brother (who is the patient) that if he doesn't straighten up you're going to "beat the crap" out of him when you get home.
  • It is inappropriate to use the "R" word every hour at least five times.
  • When you get up to use the restroom...TRY to attempt to be quiet with the big block of wood hanging by the hinges...its called a door and when swung with force, it will slam.
  • When the nurse comes it during the night, this is NOT a good time to share the knee-slapper of a story you have and laugh about it for the next 10 minutes.
  • Nor do the next five people who walk by the door want to hear it either.
  • DO NOT keep adjusting your bed every three seconds.....JUST PICK ...sitting up or laying down. WTF?!

We've only been here for 12 hours, I am sure to add to the above list before the night is over. I can feel it. And no I'm not being sarcastic. I always joke about which of us (Lonnie or myself) are going to make it home alive because we get so cranky with staying up for 24 hours, the stress of trying to keep Daniel happy while sitting in a bed for the same amount of time. This time I promised myself I would try extra hard not to snap at Lonnie for stuff. Then we get put in this room. This SHARED room. I can barely handle the noises of the person I love, and the hospital puts me in a very small room with three other people that I now have to contend with. Someone is punishing me, I know it.

If you look up the word Misanthrope you will see my picture, I can't stand people. Could be stress, or hormones, nerves, or that I'm getting a zit on my chin and we have a photo session on Saturday. Nope, perhaps... I think its just more of me being a B*tch. I want to be home with my son in out own space, in our own beds without Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum!


Erin said...

Praying that all goes well (or as well as possible, considering...).

jamie said...

hospitals suck so much as it is....i seriously cannot imagine sharing a room with anyone, let alone the people you are describing....i hope you make it through the night with your sanity.

AshleyS said...

AMEN to the etiquette rules!!!! The last time we shared a room I literally thought I was going to hurt the other parents (calling them "parents" is stretching it by a long shot!)

Here's to your misery ending real soon!!!


I'm sorry. Can you suggest a room change at all?

Hope the test goes okay.

make that zit go away. is it one of those angry ones that flare up inside before turning beet red and non pop-able on the outside?


Justinich Family said...

Oh that is rough on top of being in the hospital again for another EEG. At least it is not a sick hospital stay and you know you are going home after 24hrs.

Melanie said...

Thanks guys- Well we did make it through the night, but I kept thinking "we have to be on candid camera or PUNKED. It did suck, and no we tried the room change but there are only 3 rooms set up with 4 beds for video monitoring...they were full. And yes I am glad we were not there for actually being "sick". It is very disheartening as you walk down the hall of the children's hospital to see all the rooms full of sick ones.

The zit- YOU described it perfectly Crustybeef--- It is bright red, sore to the touch but unpopable....unless of course you're like me and you keep touching and picking in hopes it will go away, but it only continues to become a bigger beacon on my chin!!

JoAnn said...

Oh no....been there, done that!! If there's anything that makes a hospital stay worse than just being there in the first place, it's having to share a room!!

So glad to hear you survived the night! Praying for everything else to go well...