Thursday, February 19, 2009

Family Updates

Ok, so its been a while since I gave a family update, so here goes.

We'll start with "D": He makes me so proud with all the things he is doing. Even when just a mere hour ago he was laying with his face pressed up again mine, and he proceeded to belch in my ear and throw up. Awwww, how sweet.........vomit in the ear opening is such an awesome feeling. He makes me so proud!!
Daniel with his cool sunglasses

Daughter "T": uuugh she is growing up fast. Very proud of her grades and how she is holding her own during high school. She is quite the beauty, and has brains too!! And she loves her little brother and showing him off!

T & Daniel at her work
Daughter "B": College suits her. She is doing really well also. Growing up way too fast, and likes to remind me of that too!
B at school

Daughter "A": Well, she is ready to burst in a few weeks with her second baby boy. Her first is just shy of 18 months old and he is the splitting image of her. If it could be possible, I would have thought she created him on her own!!

A with C in her belly!!
Grandson "Z" : a real comedian! and as cute as a button. Tolerates Daniel running him over with his walker!

Z during a jazzercise break!
Grandson "C": still baking! :)

Daughter "C": Well, announced she is getting married in June of this year. AAAAAAAARGH!! What happened to when she was a little girl? Holy Cow, time flies!!

C with nephew Z
Daddy "L" Just had a birthday this more year and he's not going to be able to say he's in his 30's!!!

Aunt "A.P." : Moving to TEXAS, boo hoo but if
it makes her happy.

Aunt "M", "A", "R" and Uncle "G": are all walking in the 3 day Breast Cancer walk in August. I will be posting soon for people who would love to help out and donate to team Betty's Boobs!


Sherry C said...

oh what a gorgeous family you have. I'm so excited that I'll be having baby #4 soon and it was a little scary at first this one was unplanned and i originally though 5 was a big family but I'm so thrilled now that we will soon be 6.

Your daughters are beautiful.

Bird said...

Wow. You have a big beautiful family. So much to be thankful for.

Anonymous said...

woooooo! I'm getting married! YeAH!WOOOOOOO

<3- Daughter "C"

Keri said...

Beautiful family! Love all the pictures. Your daughters are all gorgeous. I bet they take after their mother!