Saturday, January 17, 2009


Well both Lonnie and I survived the EEG. BARELY!! It sucks not being able to sleep during the EEG.

I haven't been in the greatest frame of mind this past week.
I can't stand waiting for results of tests. Why can't they just have someone on hand that can read the results right away? I think they get pleasure from torturing us during the wait. I just have a weird bad vibe about this EEG. We pushed the button on all the weird movements that we think might be seizures. I am crossing my fingers and hoping with everything in me that they aren't seizures, that they are just little Daniel quirky movements. I know....THINK POSITIVE!!

On the other hand I've been real busy this week with a large order of the felt crowns that I am making. (See side bar for felt crowns). I had posted a photo of Daniel wearing his crown and got a few people asking about them. Word of mouth, and I got a few orders, 20 plus crowns in a week!~! We were sewing freaks at the house, as they are all done by hand. LOL God forbid anyone stopped by my house cause its a complete disaster with fabric and felt all over the place!

But its a good amount towards Daniel's ABR therapy. So
if you know anyone who is having a party and needs party hats, or just for dress up!! Or if you'd like to order one and have it sent to someone for their birthday. Wouldn't that be fun to get!

So, it kept my mind off waiting for the results from the EEG with sewing and taking care of my sister who had her hip replaced last week. Can you believe they have yo
u up and walking around in 24 hrs after your surgery? YEA they do!!!

There are some photos of our EEG experience. They don't differ much from the last 800 times we've had it done. He still cries a
nd gets all heated up. This time the technician took FOREVER to get him hooked up. Then after she wrapped his head all up, she found that she missed putting one of the electrodes on and says "oh we'll just put this one right here behind the ear" and she glued then TAPED it on his hair. I always thought that they had to go in specific places and just just stuck where ever you want!


Jennifer said...

EEG's are the worst. I can't stand them either. I hope you find the test results out soon. I know at the hospital we go to that if you don't hear from them right away then that's a good sign. I still don't understand why they can't be read while you're there. It isn't like blood work or anything? Its more like reading a book. Good Luck and I'll be thinking of you guys!

Bird said...

Fingers crossed that everything went well. I hat the waiting too--it kills me.

Those crowns are super-cute and awesome that you're getting some moola for your upcoming satellite visit.

Keri and Jason said...

Praying for good EEG results!

I have to tell you, I've been a follower ever since I stumbled across Daniel's blog. He's truly an inspiration. For that, I passed an award over for you and his blog.

tara @ kidz said...

I'm stopping by through Keri and Logan's blog and I'm so glad I did. My Chloe has IS/West Syndrome also, and we have oh so many similar EEG photos. I hope you don't mind having a new blog stalker!

Melanie said...

Hi Keri & Tara!!

Nice to "meet" you. Thanks for leaving the comment (and award) it is very cool. Its nice to meet someone in the same boat you're in!!

Thanks for stopping by!