Friday, December 5, 2008

No No!

As of the past couple of weeks, my cute little even tempered angel has begun to give his opinion. And he isn't quiet about it!

In his 3 1/2 yrs. I can count on one hand ever having to tell him "No". He wasn't very mobile so he wasn't getting into things. He doesn't hit. He's never been a biter. He didn't cry about anything. If fact if he did knock things off the table we were happy about it because he was using his arms! So we would hardly tell him "no" when we were just happy that he was doing it!

Well, now that he is using his Pony walker more as a means of transportation from one room to the other. There is no stopping him now! He use to stay where I was, now he ventures off on his own AWAY from me. He likes to take off towards the back of the house when I'm in the front room. The back room is where the ramp is, the fireplace (he cant get to it but likes to watch it),the Christmas tree, his keyboard and his power wheelchair, among many other things. Well obviously him being in the back room and me in the front room (there are 3 rooms that separate us) isn't going to fly with me, so I sneak and peek to make sure he is doing OK.

So yesterday he goes into the back room and calls me in his way, so I walk back there and he is standing at his keyboard so I turn it on. The keyboard happens to be located near the Christmas tree. After a few minutes of playing with his keyboard Daniel decided that the Christmas tree looked fun to play with. So I pulled him OUT of the tree and told him very nicely "No Daniel" and I promptly got the biggest boo-boo lip known to mankind. I walked him back over to his keyboard and I went into the kitchen. After about 5 minutes I can hear Daniel still playing the keyboard but it sounded a little odd, so I snuck back there to see what was going on.
And there was Daniel standing in his walker with one hand in the Christmas tree and one hand stretched out playing the keyboard. "Daniel, your not suppose to play with the tree" and I get a look over his shoulder and a devilish grin.

I said OK, if you're going to play in the tree you have to come into the kitchen with me. I take him by the hand and we walked into the other room. Not in there for more than two minutes and he is pulling open the drawer! Puts his hand up on the counter top trying to reach things. What I discovered rather quickly is Daniel's arms are working better and he is taller and more interested in exploring things. All this adds up to danger in the kitchen. He is tall enough to reach the top of our gas stove and the dials. NOT GOOD! Another instance of "No, no Daniel" and a massive boo-boo lip.

Another example, when its time to come out of the walker. I have to stand behind him while unstrapping. If he doesn't want to come out he throws his body back and screams, makes his body as stiff as a board. He throws a temper tantrum. He has never done this! It was quite a shocker.
He is also doing this when I tell him its time for a nap!
Where did my little angel go??? I now have Mr. Independent who does what he wants when he wants!


MeghatronsMom said...

Sorry he is being "naughty", but HURRAY for independence! Such a fine line we walk with these kids.

EMBelieve said...

I think it is AWESOME that he is exploring his surroundings on his own. I am sure there will be lots more of NO NO's and he will testing the limits like any child.
Daniel looks great sitting on the new chair without so much support.


Melanie said...

Oh believe me, I am secretly really happy he is being "naughty"! I love finally being able to tell him "no" just like I would have to with any other child! I hope he continues to test his limits and puts me through all stuff a 3 year old should. I welcome it ;)

~♥Alli♥~ said...

WOOHOO!! WTG Daniel!

Justinich Family said...

It is a double edged sword for sure because you know they are progressing in cognitive development but it is a new world for you to because now you have to be on top of him like you have not been before. Another thing that Evan does is the pouty lip and crying if you tell him know. He just looks like his little heart is broken. Evan has his own little "word" for me as well, is kind of sounds like maaw or aaw

Bird said...

Admit it--you feakin' love it! Charlie is becoming a devil and some of be gets so frustrated and the other part of me is so proud I could burst. Quite a little conumdrum.

Anonymous said...

i think its time for safety locks on the stove and drawers. he is such a hoot. i love it when he plays in the cupboard and knocks stuff off all the shelves that he can reach. hehehehe

Anonymous said...

I am happy for Daniel and it gives me hope for Memphis, that someday he will be able to do the same things. I know just what you mean when you said Spastic Quad does not mean he is not intelligent. You know it is in there and just have to figure out how to help him get it out. Daniel has found a way to get it out.

Billie said...

I bet you never thought you'd be so happy to tell your kiddo NO!

I feel the same way:)