Sunday, October 5, 2008

How Sweet...

Just needed to say really quick, how sweet people can be.
It is very heart warming considering how many people who aren't (and I always run into these people on a daily basis.)
So when someone does something really cool and sweet. When someone takes the time to help someone else out because they want to not because they are going to benefit someway. I just like to take note of it.

  1. Dawn M. Dawn follows Daniel's blog from Canada. She saw from posts that we will be going there in just a couple weeks. (YEA!!!!!!!) And she took the time to send me an email offering for us to stop by and visit on the way to Montreal. She also has a friend that she sent an email to that lives in Montreal to ask questions about hotels and such. Just to help us out, to make sure we were getting in somewhere that was decent, gave us some pointers on what roads to travel and which ones we should watch out for. That driving in Montreal is hectic, and that there are different driving laws there than in the States. (This is helpful because I am certain that we would get a just happens that way!)
  2. Andrew B. This guy doesn't know us at all, in fact never even heard of us until Dawn sent him the email. He rocks! He actually looked up some information about ABR called to confirm with them that the therapy was done at the same location as listed, and gave us some detailed information of what we can do in our "off time"that is relatively cheap or better yet FREE! He even gave his phone # and email address so when we are there if we need any help. How cool is that???
  3. Joe, Carla & J.S. McNamara - This group of people gave us a nice surprise. We got a nice check in the mail to help. It was such perfect timing. They sponsored a "Jeans Day", so when you wear jeans you pay "x" amount and it goes to a certain cause. Joe (otherwise known as Big Joe!) suggested Daniel, Carla said A-OK, sent us a check and the people at J.S. McNamara are wearing nice comfy jeans to work!!! Everyone is happy!! Especially us!Like I said perfect timing for the trip to Montreal.
  4. Uncle Marty (Chic) - With all the stuff Marty has on his plate these days, he still calls Lonnie with ideas on how we can raise funds for us to continue Daniel's ABR therapy for the year. It is greatly appreciated.
I cannot wait to start ABR. As I've said before, I just think its that extra little piece we need to add into Daniel's routine. It will be time consuming, and it will be expensive for the next year. But Lonnie and I are committed to giving this our all for the next year to see what progress Daniel will make. One year, and if it doesn't work for Daniel then we are only out one year and a good chunk of money, but then we can say "at least we tried". I would hate to have something out there that we didn't' try because we just couldn't get the funds together. And what if that was the little thing that he needed??!

So for the next year, we are going to fight tooth and nail, save everything we can, give up many of the things that aren't really necessary, and give Daniel his shot. I hope you will keep coming back and checking on Daniel. We will be giving progress reports along the way.

Just cross your fingers, say a little prayer, throw salt over your shoulder, whatever it is you might do to create good luck, good vibes, positive energies....please do it for Daniel.

Countdown: 13 days


Mamá Terapeuta said...

Melanie, you wont be able to stop ABR! All you'll want would be keep on pumping, you'll see ABR will help Daniel a lot!!!!!

And I'm really glad to hear about all this kind people!!! You are lucky in deed!!

Anonymous said...

Mom,can you e-mail me and exsplain this ABR a little bit more, i mean you can blog it but i dont quite understand it compleatly.


laila said...

My cousin is from Canada and was just telling me how amazing Montreal is- I'm sending all my positive energy and vibes your way!!! Good Luck sweetie- and I'm so glad to hear Daniel is loving school!!!!!!!