Friday, October 3, 2008

1st Preschool Field Trip

It was such a proud day for this mama. He is such a big boy, and did such a great job on the field trip. I guess I am the over-protective, freakin' out type of mom that we all laugh about when you're sitting around talking. I admit I would be talking about the mom who was super sensitive and saying "oh my little baby" Blah blah blah blah.

That is me. What is my problem? Seriously? I was never like
that bad when it was my typical children going off to school, and field trips. But Daniel, geesh its like stand back Psycho Mom coming through.

First of all I had a heck of a time with Daniel going to preschool 5 days a week. Hell , lets face it, I had a problem with Preschool period. No matter if it were one day or five! I have come to grips with this but still find myself staring at the clock
to see when I go to pick him up. Its so bad that I actually volunteered to do stuff at the school while Daniel is at school in case some horrific storm or catastrophic should strike, I'd be able to get to him. I KNOW I KNOW...psycho mom. So, I have weaseled my way into being at school at least two days a week! :)

So Friday was the first field trip of the year. The first bus ride. These are some big "firsts" to be doing at only 3 years old!! The bus drivers must have thought "Oh Gosh here comes the "Psycho Mom". There I am taking pictures of my kid on the bus for gosh sakes....Daniel is probably so embarrassed of me. He's probably say "UGH!! Mom just go sit in the car!!"
They went to Blakes Apple Orchard and Pumpkin Patch. Well of course I went also!
But I did better and I didn't ride the bus with Daniel, he was a big boy. BUT I did follow behind the bus, just in case someone might need me
or something! :)

It was very cool, each child got to pick one pumpkin and 5 apples from the apple orchard. Below is the pumpkin Daniel picked out all by himself. It was so cute, I carried him out a way and set him down and off he started walking (with me holding on) and he walked right up to this pumpkin and KICKED it. I guess that was his way of saying he wanted that one!

Daddy was suppose to come on the field trip too (see I'm not the only psycho parent-Lonnie is too!) but he had to work. Bummer. But just in the nick of time Brittany (Daniel's older sister) came home from college for the weekend. SO she came along too.
If you're wondering from the photo below if Daniel doesn't like Brittany, he does. He just doesn't like the "story book barn" that they are standing in front off. There are life size characters in there and he didn't want to be taken in there, so we skipped it!!

All in all Daniel had a very good time (besides almost eating a bee) and I'm sure he can't wait for the next bus ride and field trip!!!
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The unpregnantmother said...

Glad Daniel enjoyed the trip! You'll see, it will only get better!

Christine said...

Daniel is so cute! It was funny how youposted about not wnting to go near the charcters, because I had just done a post about my daughter Regan with CP and her costume character fear. I really like your blog, and am adding it to my reading list.