Wednesday, September 3, 2008

School hoo hoo

This is what happens to your 3 yr old when you send him to preschool for the first time. Before you pull out of the parking lot, he's asleep! Yesterday went really well from the "communication folder" that comes home every day. I will tell you that when I was waiting outside for the teacher to bring him out, I heard the distinct bellow of Daniel crying. First thought was "Oh $hit!". Then the guilt was there full force. He was crying and I didn't know why, and I wasn't there to help him. The door opens and Ms. Mills must have seen a look on my face because the first thing she said was "Its not as bad as you think!" Apparently he didn't cry the whole time yesterday until it came to circle time and singing the "Goodbye song". For unknown reasons, Daniel has never liked the song and has always gotten the boo boo lip. Ask his teacher/therapists from last year!! So out of the building comes a sobbing Daniel with the kind of cry that makes you gasp for breath!

I'm talking to myself in the car on the way home, "it's ok, its just the first day, everyone is getting use to each other."

But when Lonnie came home and asked Daniel how school went and what he did, they went through his folder, and Lonnie talked with Daniel about it. He was all grins, he was proud of himself, it was unmistakable. He truly loved it.

So this morning, I had to take Daniel up after having slept hard the whole night. I whispered 'Daniel, time to wake up and get ready for school". He opened his eyes and gave me a big smile! Good sign! So we get all ready and get him in the car. He loves his backpack (Thank you Ms. Linda). He is learning to pull the zipper. He is definitely excited about school!

Here we are waiting outside for the teacher to come pick Daniel up at the door. He is sick of me taking his picture and won't look at the camera! And god forbid I touch that backpack....the growl that erupts from him is scary!
Apparently, today wasn't as happy as yesterday. He cried some today not because I wasn't there. He cried because he didn't want to sit in his chair, he wanted to get up and go. Every time they went to put him back into his chair....cried. He so wants to be independent. Again he was very proud to go through his folder with mom and dad! BUT - again circle time and the goodbye song didn't go over well. He doesn't like when people sing together. If you sing by yourself he is ok with it, but as a group.......the tears come. Ask all you want, I have no clue why! And as you can see below, he is still a good boy at therapy that is right after school!


Anonymous said...

oh i just get so emotional when it comes to d. ugh here i am reading about todays excitment and i start crying bc how proud i am and what a strong, independent and amazing guy he is. good grief-what a mess i am. goofy big sister. <3

Melissa said...

Hehe I love his t-shirt!!

Justinich Family said...

How funny about circle time. Evan was asleep on the bus when it pulled up today. We also get a communication notebook which I love, it is only the 2nd day and it is so much better than his preschool last year. I am so excited about this year. Evan is really excited about school also, he loves to wear his Thomas backpack and gets excited when I say it is time to go to school.