Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Lil' Ms. Tori #8

Last weekend while Daddy was at home taking care of Daniel with his worst ever sinus infection/puking/bubble booger blowing nose and cold, I got to have my butt fall asleep (yes it is possible) at Tori's Volleyball Tournament (which lasts for hours).

So here are some of my not so great sports shots. A photographer I am not! As you might notice (through the blur) my girl is the only blond hair blue eyed girl on the team...and isn't she a cutie too!?!

So while daddy suffered at home with an unhappy little boy, I suffered at the tournament with an unhappy girl whose team didn't go so great. Tori is very competitive and does not like to lose. (she gets this trait from her father). I on the other hand am not so competitive and while she is worrying about if she hit the ball ok, I am looking at her an saying to myself "God I wish I looked like that when I was her age!" Two totally different thought processes going on there! I'm more girlie like, Tori is a good mix...loves sports, excels in school (I love this part!) and she is beautiful to boot!

This weekend she will be playing in another Volleyball Tournament which I will miss because I am walking in the 3 day breast cancer walk (60 miles in 3 days). I'm not so sure I'll walk or whether one of my team mates will be dragging me behind them!!! SO if you're in Michigan or you happen to actually be walking also and you are a reader of this blog....if you see anyone from the team "Betty's Boobs"....come on by and say hi!!! I'd love to meet you!

Good Luck Tori!


Katy said...

She's beautiful! I'm like you--not competative, which is why I didn't play team sports. The competative girls would get so annoyed at my chirpy attitude.

We're doing the Doman method for teaching math to babies. Charlie seems to be enjoying it, but it's hard to get that and the reading going. I'm not sure if it works with older kids. If not, then I would recommend finding out what you can about Montessori math. A friend showed it to me and it looked like it covered things in a similar format, but for older kids.

mommy2twindaughters said...

Good luck on the walk they would have to drag me! I hope she does well at her volleyball tournament.

Justinich Family said...

I hope you have fun and enjoy your walk. I am sure it will be tiring and rewarding. I hope Daniel is feeling better and over his nasty bug. Good luck to Tori this weekend.