Thursday, June 26, 2008

Swim, swim, swim

Daniel started swimming therapy. We tried this a couple months ago and it was a HUGE no go.
He cried, he screamed, and his little arms moved quicker than I ever imagined they could. We tried it for about 3 weeks, the minute I would start to head down the hallway to the changing room, tears started flowing. We even tried it with his big sister getting in the pool with him. Nope, no can do. I couldn't figure it out because Daniel LOVES water, absolutely loves it. You turn on the water to do dishes and he runs across the room in the walker just to see the water. Loves the bath, the shower, running his hands in water, the water table at therapy, he loves swimming in our pool. Take him to swim therapy and he loses his mind! So we stopped. It was productive and he was more worked up than anything else, it wasn't helping him.

So after our Florida trip and Daniel almost living in the pool at GKTW village, we decided to try it again, at a different pool, with his favorite therapist! ....and here are the results!

To explain to you how incredible Daniel's PT is and how much she cares about the kids she works with. She knew how badly I wanted Daniel to do swim therapy. When we started it months ago it was at a different location with a completely new PT. Part of why he hated it, he didn't know the PT and he was scared, wasn't comfortable with it. His regular PT, also wanted Daniel to use the pool. Well our regular PT location doesn't have a pool in the Pediatric Rehab department. She actually went and found that there was a small pool in the Adult Rehab, on a completely different floor,same building, that no one knew about. She went to her manager and asked for special approval to let HER take Daniel into the pool. Then they had to get the approval from a completely different department (Adult Rehab). She pulled a lot of strings. Prior to Daniel no child had gotten swim therapy at this building! I think that is completely and totally the coolest thing. Daniel felt comfortable with someone he's been with for 2 1/2 yrs, and is doing so well with it. I am very thankful to have her as Daniel's therapist. She has been a life saver in so many ways. Countless!

My Gold Star Award goes to Ms. Carol!


Anonymous said...

aww he looks like he absolutely loves it! thanks ms. carol for taking such good care of my baby D! :)

ummmhello said...

That's incredible! Great work, Ms Carol! He looks so ridiculously happy in there, it's great that you guys worked it out.