Tuesday, February 19, 2008

..And We Have A Floor!

Daniel is doing well. He is absolutely LOVING the new floors, he can get around so much better. Its like opening up a whole new world to him. Because there is no carpet anymore and the high ceilings in the back family room, we have a lot of echoing....which Daniel has discovered also! Isn't he just the smartest!

As you can see we aren't finished yet, there is still a lot of trim work that needs to be done along with painting 3 large rooms!Here is a close up of the ramp area....before it got finished and Daniel can run down it. This is the new fun and exciting thing to do at our house. Run to the ramp in our pony walker and see if we can give mom a heart attack by how we go down and fly across the room!

This past weekend was Lonnie's birthday also. So Happy Birthday to him. Didn't do too much, just had his family over to celebrate with a lasagna dinner (and Lonnie stuck to his diet with a diet version of fat free/sugar free/whole wheat lasagna just for him!).

Would just like to mention that Lonnie has more willpower than me and has stuck to his dieting and is now weighting in 20 lbs less that he was at the beginning of January! Go LONNIE! I guess he'll meet his goal before we go to Disney in 84 days than I will. I'm a stress eater.........need I say more?!?!


Justinich Family said...

I am a stress eater to. If I was opposite I would never have to diet. Love the floors how fun for Daniel, we have laminate flooring to, put it in when we bought a new house not anticipating that it would be a good thing for Evan.

Stacy from CP moms

Melissa said...

Lookin' good guys!!! Too bad I didn't live closer as I love, love, LOVE to paint. I find it so calming. I know I'm weird.

And Lonnie 20lbs!!! Holy crap that's awesome!! Don't worry Melanie, I'm a stress eater too. However strangely enough I still lose weight when I am stressed. I know that's weird too.

Jacolyn said...

Hey! You're house looks awesome!!

Way to go Lonnie! Mel, you get enough exercise being a Mommy so you deserve to stress eat and hey, from the photos I've seen...you look great!!

Anonymous said...

Ha, mom... Like Meslissa said, you know i lose weight when im stressed too.... although it could be those drugs i take. haha just kidding i dont do drugs. >:-0. But the house looks great, cant wait to see it this weekend!


BusyLizzyMom said...

Go Daniel, the ramp is great. Maybe Daddy should show you how to race cars down it too, that is Elizabeth's favorite pastime. We have wood floors and they are great for mobility and barf clean up (quite frequent here). I do agree with the noise factor we do a lot of tip toing here.

Anonymous said...

Ohhhh, the indoor ramp/stairs combo is AWESOME!! We did the exact same model with our back deck and plan to do a similiar model for the front porch for our 2 CP kids. It looks great!!!

C said...

Q is jealous of your ramp, Daniel. Can we come over and play? ;o)