Saturday, January 5, 2008

We're Doing A Countdown

So have we told you all yet that in May of 2008
Daniel will be taking most of his family to Disney (Florida) for a wonderful week?!
Daniel will be granted a wish through Rainbow Connection.

It has taken us a while to figure out what Daniel would like for his wish.

We were going to get equipment, or more therapies, or a different type of therapy, but we decided that Daniel's life up to this point is always working hard, and doing therapies of some sort.

So we decided that Daniel needed to go have fun and visit Mickey Mouse and all his friends.

I have read about other families that have gone to Disney and stayed at a special place that you can only stay at once in your lifetime and you are only allowed to stay there through a wish program. Its called Give Kids the World....check it out.

Watch us do the countdown on the side bar too ---------> Just for fun!


Anonymous said...

Oh Daniel you and your family will have a super great time. I am so happy for you! Our sweet Cody had his wish granted last month and took us there as well. It is a blast and so much to do and see.

Your Friends,
Norma & Cody Freymuth

Kathryn said...

wooohooo! that is going to be great. Good for you guys!