Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Ooooh Nooooooooo my house................

As you may already know, Daniel has his power wheelchair, and we are today starting the tear down of part of our house to get it wheelchair and Daniel accessible.

We live in a tri-level that also has a huge family room that has a two step down to get to it. We are tearing the wall down in between the dining room and the huge family room. This will give access for Daniel to get to more rooms of the house. We will also be installing wood flooring in the family room, dining room and him access to use his wheelchair or his walker and the wood flooring makes it easier for him to get around when he is walking. Now mind you we still have the 6 stairs going upstairs to the bedrooms and 6 stairs going down to the master bedroom. We'll worry about those later. I just wanted to give him as much room on the main level as I could and I am hoping that he will enjoy that he can pretty much go anywhere now.

Here are some pictures of our "BEFORE", and since they just started 20 minutes'll get a picture of 20 minutes into the process.......see how quickly it can get destroyed!

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