Sunday, January 13, 2008

Hi Katie & Brandon

Two of Daniel's cousins are in Australia. Katie is there for a year for school and her brother Brandon went to visit for the holidays. Just wanted to share some of the beautiful photos they have taken while on their trip..... (some of these pictures look like postcards you'd get, they are absolutely beautiful)

(Note: Ok I would have peed my pants if I were hanging upside down here!)

Hope you guys are having fun...................miss you!

Today we are living through Brandon & Katie........what a wonderful time they must be having. I didn't realize how beautiful Australia is.


Mal said...

Mel it is very beautiful here. I hope that Katie & Brandon have a wonderful time.

Melissa said...

Australia is definitely one of my "must see before I die" places, along with Costa Rica. I'll keep dreaming or find me a rich man!! lol

Jacolyn said...

abe and i lived there for 2 years and traveling around much of the country. it is very beautiful. he keeps promising we'll move back.